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    To feed or not to feed

    Though I am not trying to sound like Prince Hamlet, but then days back I read an article about Shantanu Naidu, the young and dynamic Business Assistant of Ratan Tata. Shantanu loves dogs and while he was in college, he devised a reflective collar that helped save stray dogs from being hit by speeding cars at night. The innovation became so successful that many other college students joined the movement across cities in 3 different countries. Ratan Tata too helped finance the movement and eventually took him as his Business Assistant after Shantanu had finished his higher education.

    Not to the extent that Shantanu did, but to a small extent, I too love feeding stray dogs. However, there are many in our neighbourhood and in the office, who are opposed to such gestures. They reason that it leads to dog menace, more stray dogs get attracted to the place, the place gets dirty and that they could be a threat to children and old people. These are all valid points, no doubt about that and I do acknowledge. However, whenever I see a stray dog looking at me with an innocent gaze and expecting a meal from me, I cannot help but oblige. At such moments, my mind gives up and the heart takes over.

    What do you say, friends? Am I doing the correct thing by listening to my heart rather than my mind? What will you do in my place?
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    Most of the stray dogs survive on the food particles and food pieces available in the garbage here and there which is coming daily out of so many fast restaurants, hotels, and households. Then many people are feeding the stray dogs and stray animals and in our country it is a regular practice by so many animal lovers that even if the government wants to ban this or the local societies want to stop even then it is not practically possible to stop people feeding the stray animals. These stray animals are not in numbers they are in millions. Even if the municipality wants to catch them and kill them it is a massive job and animal lovers would make a big hue and cry and bring orders from SC to stop cruelty to animals. So this is not an ordinary type of problem.
    So keep continue your love for the stray animals and feed them regularly with your heart and mind wholeheartedly.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Feeding a stray dog is left to the conscience of the individual because the same dog is seen daily and they wag the tail in expectancy of some food or reaction. On of my friend has made a good idea. I used to purchase two rupees packets of biscuits and keep ready to feed any stray dog that is going to charge in or chase. Once the offer of biscuits are done, those stray dogs are no more stranger and becomes instant friends. Much to the surprise that they recognize from far off and keep running forward to have some biscuits or welcome him. Today he cannot walk alone as dogs would surround him and there is quarrel between the dogs to have a hug with him. So if we feed also these dogs show more obedient attitude and that is not liked by others because the stray dogs can have rabies disease immediately.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Few years back, I remember, in the township that I used to live before shifting to my new place, there used to be many dog eviction drives by the municipality. These were not ordinary eviction drives, where the municipal people catch hold of the stray dogs and take them to dog shelters. Those days they use to come with guns and kill the hapless creatures. It used to be a very gruesome scene. The practice was gradually stopped, after objection from animal lovers and others. Even in some army cantonments, this used to be a regular practice. But now I think they too have stopped.
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    Feeding once in a while stray dogs is not bad. Whether you feed or not feed, they will survive by eating the waste food and other items available in the garbage and they are not going to die starving for food. So we need not mind feeding once in a while. Once in a while hearing to your heart and ignoring your mind is in no way a crime. Continue doing that.
    Near our house, there is a lady. She daily feeds many stray dogs and those dogs will not leave that place as she feeds regularly two times a day. The dogs in our area will recognise her and move with her always. Sometimes we can't go near her house as many dogs will be there and they will start barking if you go near there.
    We can feed the start dogs but we should keep in mind that our actions should not become a problem to the people of that area. Feeding once in a while is of no harm in my opinion.

    always confident

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    Feeding the hungry be it an animal or humans is a good human value and everybody should opt for this good deed, Good samaritans have this wonderful habit expecially during their morning walk they carry packets of biscuits to feed the stray dogs.
    However, on the flip side there are some draw backs too. In my area , some office were chased and a few were even bitten by the dogs or even their vehicles turned topsy turvey leading to minor accident.
    Now arises the question of 'to feed or not to feed' . The answer is as long as compassionate humans exist the practice of feeding stray dogs will continue but it should not happen at the cost of threat to human lives as we all know that dog bites or even a small scratch may result in rabies which is very dangerous if it bites a human. As I doubt whether all the strays or give rabies vaccine by the municipality, the animal lovers should restrict their kind actions where people do not move around in two wheelers during the night or wee hours of the mornings,

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    There are some typo errors in the above post. I will try not repeating henceforth.

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    It is really a situation creating confusion whether we should feed the stray dogs or not to feed. While see the plus points of such feeding of the stray dog is their obedience towards human beings if they are offered something to eat. If you offer them some biscuits on human ground, they instantly recognise this friendly gesture and every time when we happen to meet them, they would have the expectations for something or the other. But the problem is we cannot oblige all the stray dogs remaining in clusters. If we offer them randomly by hurling some biscuits, there would be a great find among them and even we feel bad for their inadequate feeding. With the time, there is surge of the population of the dogs resulting in huge cry in the night due to fall in temperature or might be they are hungry in the wake of inadequate food stuffs. Overpopulation of such stray dogs have proved menace often biting the innocent people. Hence we must devise the ways to get rid of their menace with the proper steps by the town planners.

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