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    Are you digitally illiterate and trying to learn the nuances of it?

    The hi-tech world of today requires those who access the internet to have sound knowledge to operate it. Many individuals struggle to connect with the family members who have settled abroad as they are not net-savvy. Some have even started taking exclusive classes on this matter to make themselves perfect. For example, there are some institutions where classes are conducted and the candidates are taught how to order things online, book tickets, connect with social media and so on.

    I learned many new things on my own when I accessed various YouTube channels and found some homemakers giving me useful information about certain innovative ideas such as the latest items available in the market, right from kitchen items to washroom and living room accessories.
    I have bought some of them and they are really useful.

    Do you think that it is vital to be connected with the internet, especially for old people, as it has lots of advantages? Can you learn on your own or should you join a class?
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    We are in a digital age. The younger people have already learnt many things during their college days and are a sort of expert in using the gadgets and internet and are comfortable with it. But for the older people who have less exposure to the digital world there are problems everywhere and they have to learn the things the hard way. The best course of action is to learn it from young persons in the family. There is no option for the old people as they have to learn the basics if they want to survive in this digital arena. In old age our learning capacities and absorption of the things becomes very poor and it takes so much time in learning a small thing and the young people in the family get annoyed with us soon.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Frankly speaking I changed to digital world only recently because I thought it is not relevant to me and I need not learn. But the time and days are demanding us to be digitally updated and much transactions are being done the digital way and therefore there is a need for everyone to be literate digitally. Thanks to my two children who have profess on everything and they keep giving me and my wife the tutorial needed for right update on digital matters. Surely paying money through mobile and getting money through the apps are very easy and we need not carry the wallet always and cash transactions are almost mere or nil. Old people may be reluctant to learn the intricacies of internet and cell phone but they must be taught with basics so that they need not venture out and be a independent person on every matter.
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    Now everything is virtual only and hence connecting to the internet is very important. Very old people are also learning how to post on social media. My mother is 84 years old. She is having a Facebook account and sends messages, likes and shares messages on social media. She uses WhatsApp to interact with all our brothers and sisters.
    It is very essential that one should know how to do things on the internet. I think we can learn on our own and if any small doubts are there, the young IT experts available in house or in neighbour's house can definitely help us. So we need not attend separate classes for learning these issues. Once you know completely about your smartphone you can learn everything on your own. These days almost all houses will have a person who is acquainted with the digital platforms and such persons can help us in clearing our doubts.

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    I have seen a computer in my forties. I had not even trained well on typewriting. So I started using keyboard with one finger or two fingers at a time.
    But in comparison to others of my generation and even younger people I cd come to terms very fast and learn whatever was needed for me to use computer in my daily career life and also my personal life. I could see the vast promise of things that could happen and make our life easier even those earlier days.
    Just when many of my colleagues were struggling with keyboard and screen I could use a sort of hybrid use of mobile, email and desktop ( by my own innovative trial and error methods) and use them effectively in my career and personal life. Soon I became a reference and trouble shooter in my office and among my friends.

    But still, I consider myself a novice and almost literate(or rather a KG student) in this regard in comparison to the vast infinite areas connected to the digital field and digital world.
    I bought my first desktop in2000 itself. I bought a mobile phone immediately after the incoming calls were made free and outgoing calls became slightly affordable.

    But now when I see the poor quality of the hardware and the corruption or mala-fides happening in the software, I feel that we humans, as is won't about our greediness and monopolistic greed, have spoiled a very useful facility. My trust slowly gives way to cynicism. God forbid!

    PS: It is after joining and from ISC that I learned about HTML links etc. So that credit should go to ISC.

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