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    What is the scope for freshers in the entry level jobs?

    Do freshers really have any opportunities in entry-level jobs? How can such opportunities come to them with no experience forms the basis of this discussion.

    There are many jobs in the nation especially in the private sector with a booming IT industry but the reality is that these entry-level jobs require a certain level of experience and that's something a fresher cannot have when coming directly out of college. And it seems absurd as well that a student should be expected to have experience. If he or she does not work how will he be able to get the experience and even from somewhere if he is expected to get experience then he or she won't be able to fetch himself or herself any good salary in the name of the pursuit of skill for better future as money follows the skills.

    But the people have to pay their bills and with such low salary, they are not expected of being independent all by themselves. This outcome of capitalism would, I feel, create inequality in economic terms.

    Do comment your views.
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    A good post by the author bringing out the problems faced by the freshers in today's competitive world. This problem was there earlier also but because that time the job opportunities were more so many freshers also got good jobs through entrance examination or interview or selection committee. Today situation is very alarming and a fresher has no choice except joining some mediocre job like in a call centre or some other place where the salary is also less and there are no avenues of learning and gaining experience in the core area. That is the reason why many people after completing their education are just forgetting about their qualifications and starting some small business or self employment or even opening a small tea stall. Just because someone is qualified doesn't make him eligible for a job. First of all sufficient jobs should be there then only there is a chance that he can get it. Once he gets a job then only he can gain experience in that line and make a career.
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    Today's fresher is the next captain. Therefore, the demand for fresh recruits is always high in the case of primary recruitment. However, recruitment is done in different categories, such as Technical or Production, Human Resource, Administration, Accounts. So the company that is hiring depends on the nature of their business.
    These days, various IT companies are hiring engineering, MBA's, and general and honor graduates, postgraduates. So if you want to get a job as a freshman, you need to be at least a graduate and have enough timely talent. I think it has become easier to get a good private job these days. If not, there are government jobs even though there is more competition.

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    Surely the freshers are facing hostile attitudes at the working place and they are seen with demeaned personality and some times unwanted at the work place. But the company has taken them to give training and then take to main stream of employment. During the training period so many mistakes, misses and wrong things are committed to which the management is ready to take risk but would fix the responsibility later. By giving tricky problems and then asked to sort out using the study knowledge, the company wants to create a a managerial and leadership quality for future and not understanding this the new employees feel that they are given more work and could not cope resulting in leaving the job within the training period for which no certificate is provided and in future if any other employer calls wrong information is given.
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    The IT industry is taking fresh graduates only for entry-level jobs. They are not asking for any experience. Many companies are going to various colleges and conducting entrance tests and interviews for the final year students and they are giving jobs once they complete their final year. Even they are considering students who passed out in the previous year also. Even the employees working in the company can refer applications of their contacts who are fresh graduates from the college and the HR department will conduct the selection process and take suitable candidates. IT industry is taking B.Sc and other fresh graduates also
    In manufacturing industries also the management is considering fresh graduates as management trainees and after completion of that 2 years training, they are given regular postings. Like this, there are posts for fresh graduates also in various private industries.

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