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    Telugu movie buffs unite!

    I've only recently begun watching Telugu movies and have been absolutely loving it so far! Started off with Most Eligible Bachelor (great watch, definitely worth the hype). Recently watched Pushpaka Vimanam- love their storylines, acting, and top-notch cinematography. Have been using Aha Video to watch them and love their collection so far.

    Any more suggestions for me to dive deeper into the Tollywood industry? Could include web series as well.
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    Good that the author has been enjoying the making of Telugu movies and surely he has the reason to admit because, the producers and directors would not take any project unless and until it has appealing story line, great dialogues, great hero-heroine combination, good star cast and above all whooping amount is spent on best locales for song moments One thing is sure the cinematography would be classic, the fighting scenes would be stupendous and the scenes matching to the hooting of front line audience would be sure. Above all there would be dash of double meaning dialogues, good scenic location and the producers wont mind on spending huge money on single song. That is the craze and expectancy of Telugu audience and therefore our Telugu movies are class apart and that is why released across the globe.
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    There are many good movies worth watching.
    The recent movie Akahanda is one film which is a super hit and made very good collection. People who love mass movies will definitely enjoy this movie. Balakrishna is the hero. The movie received very good reviews.
    Another hit movie of recent times is Pushpa. It is available on Amazon Prime. The movie is also a very big hit. A special dance song by Samantha is a very big hit and the song has become controversial. Allu Arjun played the lead role. He did a very good job and received good reviews.
    Yesterday I have seen on Amazon Prime, another hit movie by the name of Drushyam 2. It is a continuation of the Drushyam movie. Venkatesh and Meena are in the lead roles. A very interesting movie with a good storyline. Another movie is Varudu Kavalai. Many such movies are there and you can try Amazon Prime for good hit movies in Telugu.

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    In our country not only in Hindi but there are some regional languages in which very nice movies are being produced by the producers. Telugu is one of that languages apart from Tamil and Malyalam.
    One interesting thing that I want to share about this topic is that nowadays if one movie gets good audience than in other languages also people start making the same either through dubbing or through remake or something like that and many such movies are there doing very good on the box offices also. One can explore these movies also as they are from the best lot.

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