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    Dealing suitably with different persons is an art

    This small story is very interesting for many reasons. One boy was selling the dictionaries and he was not finding the right customers due to which eking out had become more difficult. So he decided to sell after interviewing the probable customers. He met one person who seemed to be very busy and told the boy that he did not have time to talk much. The boy got a striking idea and told him that he was looking for such kind of person only and offered to sell the dictionary. The trick worked and that flattened the person. So we should not talk similarly to all but should be able to gauge each one and deal with them accordingly. What do you feel?

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    We cannot communicate with every person in the same way. Even with the same person we cannot communicate in the same way everytime. Communication is always done to meet the purpose and the objective at that point of time and it is obvious that when the goals are changing everytime we have to talk as per the situation and the person with whom we are talking. Intelligent people don't talk with everyone in a random way. They talk with a purpose and with an agenda in their minds. They even do some homework sometimes to talk with some important people.
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    I am not able to understand the idea of the author in this thread. I feel even though the same issue is being told to different people, the way of telling should be different. The way or method of telling should be different and should be in such a way that what you want to tell should be conveyed to the receiver in a way the receiver can understand. Here two parties are involved. One is the person who is giving the messages and the other is the receiver. The frequencies of both of them should match. Then only the communication is proper.
    I think facts can't be changed from person to person. Fact is a fact. But the conveying method may be different. At the same time, you need not tell everything to everybody. Some people may not be required to know some issues we know and some have to know about them. One should decide whom to tell and whom not to tell and convey accordingly.
    When you talk to a high school student, you have to talk in a way that the student will understand but when you talk to a mature man, you can go to his level and talk to him.

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    I will like to add some more points to this discussion. Every person around us is having some uniqueness of his own. He will have interest in certain things and he will like to talk and listen only about those things because that is his passion area. This is a very normal thing and natural trait in many of us.
    Now there are some people who know these things well and then they talk and and have relations with other people by keeping their interest in their mind. Such people become very popular in the society and they make so many friends because everyone feels that he talks as per his interest. This is definitely a great art because it requires patience and tolerance of a very high order. Indirectly it also means that the one who wants to be popular among masses has to cultivate so many interests and hobbies so that he can make good communication with any sort of people around.

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    If you want to sell a product to a particular person, before going to him we should understand him well and plan the discussion in such a way that the time we want to sell him should get connected somewhere to the interests of the individual. For example, if I am a fan of a particular actor, if the seller says that the product was appreciated by that actor and if it is mentioned that the actor is recommending it to other people, naturally I will get attracted to that particular item. That way, our approach should be different from person to person. The interaction should not be ready-made but it should be tailor-made.
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