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    Do you believe that the government is interfering with the fundamental rights of the citizens?

    No government can interfere with the fundamental rights of the citizens to satisfy its own interests. It is also enforceable in court. But in reality, the government in our country often uses them for its own benefit. In our country, equality, freedom against exploitation, religion, education and culture etc are among the fundamental rights, but citizens are being deprived of them. Every day we hear such news from different media even in our locality also. Do you know why such attitude is there on the part of the government which has been constituted by the people and for the people?
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    I do not agree with the author that government is interfering into the fundamental rights of the citizens and not mentioned any specific interference. For that matter, the quality between and among the citizens are tried to be balanced and one cannot do full justice all the time. Freedom of what sense the author has been asking is not known, but the way social media is agog with anti govt statements and mentions and that proves the got tolerates the criticism. What kind of exploitation the author has been talking about ? All religion are given equal status and commitment to their festivities. The far reaching educational policy is in offing and that needs to be fine tuned for which expert committee has been constituted. And cultural , tradition and constitutional redistribution are the aspects which need to be discussed matter wise.
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    The author has put up his feelings very nicely in this thread. Yes sometime it may appear to us that government is interfering with the fundamental rights of the citizen. But actually it is not the government. This may look like a paradox but it is more than that. The irony is that when we elect a government then some of the members which we select or which others select are not good and honest people. They have simply come in the politics to make money for their lifetime. Unfortunately they run the government. Police and administration is under them. They can always misuse them to deprive the citizen from their fundamental rights. For example a police officer under order from the top bosses and the politicians can go to the house of any person innocent, criminal, saint, or faqir and arrest him on some charges. He would be kept in the jail and if no one is there to try for his bail or things like that he will simply rust in the jail cells. This is gross injustice but it is happening with so many people. A layman will say that government has done injustice. He is correct in telling that.
    If such events are highlighted and public makes a hue and cry then the involved top politicians will say that this is probably the fault of the police officer and they will simply suspend him temporary and later he will get reinstated and will be offered a better position of earning.

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    Our constitution has given some fundamental rights to all citizens. They can enjoy these rights but they are not supposed to cut short the rights of other people by their actions. But there are many instances where a section of this society is enjoying these rights at the cost of some other people.
    The main culprits are the politicians. The people who are in power in some states are trying to take advantage and make money. They go out of their way to earn money. That shows the liberty they are taking. They are helping some people because of the money. There are instances where the people in authority overtook the rights of the individuals and denied them some benefits.
    Unfortunately in our country rule makers are rule-breakers also. They know where are the loopholes and they know how to use those loopholes for their benefit. As long as the system continues definitely the citizens can't enjoy their rights equally.

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    The Human Rights Watch Organisation report of 2021 says that "the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government increasingly harassed, arrested, and prosecuted rights defenders, activists, journalists, students, academics, and others critical of the government or its policies". It also states that "The government continued to impose harsh and discriminatory restrictions on Muslim-majority areas in Jammu and Kashmir since revoking the state's constitutional status in August 2019 and splitting it into two federally governed territories. Attacks continued against minorities, especially Muslims, even as authorities failed to take action against BJP leaders who vilified Muslims and BJP supporters who engaged in violence."

    The inaction of the government is making the violators of human rights bold. The recent hate speeches at a Sansad in Haridwar did not attract any action by the government until there was uproar and petitions were filed in the Supreme Court. Blindly supporting the government is not good for democracy. Whenever something wrong is done, it should be condemned, Hope the government will take the necessary steps to see that such incidents do not happen in the future.

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    I want to add one very interesting thing in this discussion that when the selfish interests of some people are hurt by government actions then it is said that government is harassing the people or doing something wrong with a particular sector of the society. This is not a new thing because since time immortal in this world the evil forces always protected themselves under the canopy of these allegations. The problem with the common people in the world is that they cannot distinguish between good and bad and believe whatever these evil leaders or affected people will tell them. This is a complicated situation and only nationalistic minds can appreciate it.
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    Yes, it is possible #749785 and happening, but In fact, when political leaders come to power, perhaps a sleeping dictatorship awakens in them. Whatever he says is the law. Even the Election Commission will follow his words. The Supreme Court, High Court, CBI, Enforcement Directorate, etc. will follow his words. At one time the Election Commission accepted the word of the government. The commission had no power to do this or that. From that point of view, now we see a lot of power in the hands of the commission, why? It seemed that the house of the Election Commission was an office under the government. TN Sheshan is the first Election Commissioner to explain the importance of this constitutional body. On the one hand, the constitutional importance of the Election Commission has increased a lot, but this is also the case, dictatorship of political parties, arbitrariness, corruption in elections have increased in the same way. It must be admitted that court cases against political parties or the government have increased a lot in the past. But why is it increasing, I think it is not an individual but a collective attempt to infringe on any rights. Which could lead to disaster in defending the sovereignty of the country.
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    The response at 749785 is about individuals and no specific examples were given. The said report mentioned in my response directly quotes the government and the party in power. A comedian was arrested in Indore for jokes which were not made by him but were supposed to be made in a stage performance. The calls for genocide of Muslims on an open platform did not even make the government take action. A number of incidents can be quoted.

    Indians of all religions and regions are spread all over the world to make a living. We are living in a global world. Narrow-minded ideologies are not going to help. The entire world is aware of what is happening in every corner of the world due to digital platforms. The Constitution of India gave certain rights which are to be honored and protected by the government for the development of our country.

    Three retired Army Officers filed a petition in the Supreme Court to form a Special Investigation Team to look into hate speeches at Haridwar. They said such speeches endanger the unity in the Indian Army which consists of people from all religions. National security is of paramount importance. Hope the government acts to curb such bad elements which endanger the country.

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