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    Why vexed people keep talking about renunciation (sanyas) and run away from life?

    When we are confronted with challenges, the ways and means to get rid of the same have to be found at the beginning itself. Otherwise, small problems would turn into big ones and that may even force the person to run away from life and transform himself into a monk. Probably, that person neither has self-confidence nor does he heed the good advice of others. Thus sulking within, he develops negativity and succumbs to it. Is renunciation a way out of one's problems or does it amount to running away without being able to bear the strain?
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    There are many people who do their work with dedication and concentration and make a career in this tough and competitive world. At the same time there are many people who do not like to work and are lazy in their nature and want to have a simple trouble free life. When these people luckily get a job in a company or office then they are trapped in a very uncomfortable atmosphere. They want to escape from the work but due to pressure from top and also peer pressure they are forced to do some minimum work. But they do not want to do even that. They sometimes adhere to politics also. When nothing works they talk of sanyas.
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    Human life is a mix of a variety of issues. There are many events which will give happiness to the mins and make them enjoy their life. There are many events that may bring sorrow to their lives and make them worry. Many problems may be encountered and some manage to come out of those problems. But when the problems come, again and again, one after another, the person will lose his confidence and think that it is highly impossible for them to carry on. At that stage, some people may think of suicide and some may think of becoming a Sanyasi. Once the person relinquishes all the worldly issues and start thinking about the life after the death and immerse himself in the service of God. They will not get excited about anything either good or bad. But attaining that stage is very difficult. People who have seen the ups and downs of life and thinks that nothing is permanent in this world only can become sanyasis but not all.
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    Human life is really difficult in the sense that we cannot anticipate the next phase. We would be happy when the events turn into our favour. However it is always not so as anticipated but one think is sure, extreme sorrows would make our life dull and we might think of taking the ultimate step taking sanyas from this worldly journey. This might be step of escaping the materialistic desires but to attain that status too is really difficult. Sometimes we might talk of taking sanyasi but in reality nothing such an event is likely to follow. We might try to influence others with such false announcements. May be such outbursts are the results of our extreme frustration.

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    Running away from problems and quitting the family in the guise of spirituality should never be done by anyone even if the problems are neck deep.Instead we should try to analyse them and get a solution to them without dilly- dallying. It is better to discuss with the other family members and take their advise instead of skirting the issue or try to escape at the pretext of taking sanyas.

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    I am not accepting the theory given by the Author here.
    The underlying philosophy of life has many wonderful teachings that are useful to today's people. Sannyasi is not easy to wind, he has to achieve everything through hard reality by tagging everything in the call of his soul. The contribution of the old virtuous monks of our country is still evident in society. He cannot be called a monk if he leaves the family for fear of war in life. Swami Vivekananda is a perfect example of a lifestyle.
    Close your eyes and think in your mind. Make it alive in yourself. If your thinking is strong enough, if your thinking ability is sufficient enough, it can also break the bonds of action. It is possible to break down functional constraints by creating a strong mindset of what you want to be. This is your chance to overcome all the limitations of your thoughts, emotions, and actions. I think becoming a monk is in that line instead of being afraid of family life.

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    A very nice thread has been raised by the author. According to me, people make the definition of sannyasa according to their own and make it their basis. Running away from one's responsibilities or challenges should never be a part of sannyasa, but as the author has rightly said, many people are doing this in today's time. Sanyas really successful when you have completed feel free from your responsibility and affections and now there is no fear, jealousy, enthusiasm or thoughts of problems in your mind. Before starting a sannyasin life, it is necessary to eliminate the attachment towards life and as long as this attachment is with you in the form of your happiness or sorrow, then you cannot get sannyas even by going away from family or other people. And when a person gets all his desires or even not get but feel free themselves, it is a sanyasi even among with all people.

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