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    Never doubt yourselves

    If somebody wants advice from me the first advice, I will give them is Never to doubt themselves. Many people may say different things but never underestimate your own abilities. If you have confidence in yourself, for sure you will be the winner. If you have faith in your own abilities, you can assume already you have half won the battle.

    There may be many setbacks and many obstacles before you. There may be many pains and the other side may be very dark. But never lose faith in you. That will make you win and push all the obstacles behind you.

    Your true potential is not known to you. You are more capable than you think. Never get down with a failure. Failures are the pathfinders for success. Learn from the mistakes and be more strong and you will be the winner.

    I hope other members will agree
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    Nice advice from the author and it is the fact that we have inner urge and great strength to tackle and be successful to come out of any problem and only after someone identifies and tell us that we are capable , we try to explore ourselves. Even Lord Hanuman was not having confidence on him but when he confronted with lots of challenges on the way to locate and know the where about of Sita, Hanuman could explore himself well and that even astonished him. Same way everyone has the hidden talent and give a thought to develop that particular talent to achieve new goals and set records for others to chase and achieve. One thing is sure, though one must have the talent and courage to do things, the support and encouragement is also necessary to come of out sulking attitude and that would prepare for great achievements.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Self esteem boosts confidence and helps a person to think positively . You only can recognise your value and develop your plus points. Do not get disappointed by negative comments and failures. The disappointment you face in life makes you stronger and much more confident. A self confident person never depends on others to help him but does everything possible on his own. Never think that you are in anyway inferior to others.

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    Self confidence is definitely a great thing in one's life and helps the individual in making good progress in life. But there are some pre-conditions which are required for this to happen.
    First of all the person should be hard working and always ready to learn things and acquire new skills. He should be able to withstand the competition and pressure in the modern times. He should have a very high degree of patience to wait for the results rather to hurry and worry for them. Last but not the least he should be able to do the analysis of his own strengths and weaknesses so that he can do the real self assessment and cannot aspire or expect what he does not deserve.
    One of my class fellows who was a brilliant student did not qualify in IAS and some people suggested him to appear for the post of income tax inspector as that time so many posts were advertised. He thought that inspector was a quiet low post as compared to IAS and then reluctantly he appeared in the exam telling that he will consider joining or not if he was selected. He could not qualify in that exam but it gave him a very good lesson. He came down to the ground level and started preparing from some other exam very seriously and was selected.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very nice advice given by the author, this is true we should never doubt ourselves. Thinking about your decision twice or more is ok but it does not mean that we start to underestimate ourselves. When we take a new step some confusion, fear, nervousness is quite natural as we are new to the same but definitely, we will learn more when we make the decision as per our own knowledge and understanding. There are also some people who doubt themselves after doing any work or taking any steps, but when you have already done something then it would be better to wait for the result rather than doubting yourself.

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