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    How do we restart our career and reskill ourselves?

    The major drawback I could see in our education system is one dimensionality and from this word I mean to focus on the subject selection and there future effects on our career. Now, there are students who would take science but after going ahead they would realise that they don't find themselves interested in the subject and would procrastinate much and then would feel that they as sabotaging their career. The career which take around a quarter or more of life is something where everything emanates from, in general. Our work life, family life, love life, our kids life and more so career should be fulfilling, creative, earning and impacting. But many of us either end in wrong career or continue for really long enough to get lost forever. So is there any skill or idea that at any age we can rebuild ourselves and our skill to have more fulfilling career. In the recent news I listened to, an engineer after working in various fields found her calling in medicine and then at the age of 29 she is all set to study the medicine to become MBBS.
    Are we going to have the fluidity in the career in the near future or does it make any sense with the thread in the first sense.
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    What I feel that adaptability, compatibility and perseverance to go for new avenues and not rush to same job and crowd the same cannot fetch with desired results as one must change to the present circumstances and study further to the new requirement of companies and Industries and surely there would be formidable chances as others not tried. Study is the continued process and those who are aiming higher studies need to forgo all the basic enjoyments of life up to the level of qualification and thereafter the life would be smooth and formidable. One thing success comes after of total planning combined with hard work and right execution and no one is bothered about over age but just concentrating on theachievementt. My daughter is going to complete MBBS this year at 22 age and she is perfect in planning future.
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    While some people are successful in changing their career,others are not. It depends on the individual's interest. I have come across a doctor who has done his MBBS opting for IAS and succeeded 8n his endevour.
    I was working as a stenographer for 10 years . After a gap of five years, I switched over to teaching which I am very much involved in.

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    There was a time when people after completing their education were able to get some job may be it was just to make their livelihood but today even getting that is a challenge. The reason is simple that we are producing qualified people at a very high rate like we are manufacturing items in a factory. So there is a huge supply of qualified people in all the fields. There are no jobs to absorb them for a satisfying career. So they try from one area to another area sometimes by acquiring additional degrees or skills or certificates. This is a very difficult situation and wherever they go they find that there are already so many contestants present to try their luck to get that particular job.
    Only thing is that if someone feels that he is extraordinary intelligent and knowledgeable then he should start some innovative business and establish in the area of self employment. Shifting from one job to another requires a lot of pondering and thinking and any wrong decision taken in that regard will deprive a person from the existing facilities.

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    What the author told is very right. When we start a career we will start with many aspirations and expectations. But only after getting into the job only we know how narrow are the steps to climb on to the top and how rigid are the requirements.
    In addition to the above unemployment is another curse all are facing. When we are unemployed we will try to get into a job that comes to us and we will forget all our specifications. Once we settle in the job, then only we start thinking about career building or rebuilding etc.
    After completing the education and getting into the job, we should make up our plan of action. Where you want to see yourselves in the next 7 or 10 years. Once you have clarity on this, you know what is the shortcoming, where you have to get strengthened. Once you finalise this start acquiring the required skills to make your weaknesses your strong points.

    always confident

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