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    Exploitation or Demand and supply concept which is correct?

    India is a place where hero-worship, or as we call it in Telugu (Vyakthi pooja), or individual or personal worship, is more prevalent than in other developed countries such as China and any other country, whether it is cricket, movies, or anything else... Tollywood is a term that has recently been coined to describe the Telugu film industry. The AP government has made certain steps that would relieve part of the hardship of seeing movies by leveling ticket prices for films that only last 2 hours to 2 hours and 30 minutes, but the big heroes and producers are up in arms about it. The government considers it exploitation, but Tollywood's bigwig's term demands and supplies a business model to raise ticket prices? Which do you believe is correct?
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    There has been uneasy calm between the Telugu film bigwigs and the government, and it is sure that exploitation is being made in the guise of good movie and the demand from the fans. Right from the remuneration to each actor and then to the exhibit of the film the policy is earn more money in the first week itself and recover the cost with huge profits and all sorts of hype and controversies are created to have more interest on the movie and the fans are failing to agree to this bogey of earning money and they are fooled by big films. That is why someone said that if the actors start taking less remuneration that movie budgets would be thin and affordable even for the small time producers and as thought by the state govt, the tickets rates could be lower to have formidable reach of theater audience for sure for every film.
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    If the AP government is really interested in Poor people, let it bring down the rates of alcohol drinks in the state. The government increased the rates of liquor and no reduction in the taxes for petrol and diesel. The price difference of diesel between Karnataka and AP is about 12 rupees per litre. When we talk about these prices the government will never think of the poor in the state.
    Food and shelter are the main requirements for the people. Let the government consider helping the people to get that at a lower price. Even cinema tickets can be considered. Let the first-week ticketing can be as high as possible and from 2nd and 3rd week let the rates be as decided by the government. A poor man who can't afford a high-cost movie ticket can wait for a week and then go for that movie. He need not see it on the first day itself, The intention of the government is not to help the poor. But by creating a problem, the people in power want to get some money for their personal accounts.

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    If government does not keep a control on the rates of the certain items in the market then some private companies will increase the rates whatever way they want and earn a lot of money. In cine industry if the movie makers find that there is a robust demand of movies in the market and people are ready to pay even a higher amount for the ticket they will like to increase it and make huge profits. The idea of dynamic ticket prices is a good solution as was done in case of air fares. If a person books air ticket in advance especially in an off time or off season time then he gets it in say about Rs 3000 and same becomes Rs 10000 in rush times.
    The business entities will always like to increase the prices of their products but Govt role is to contain them and keep them under tab. Why government is against increasing prices is that if you increase the price of one item then it starts a chain reaction and has a spiralling effect on the prices of other items and then it goes on in a vicious circle and there is no end to it leading to inflation.

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