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    Are you interested in increasing your participation in forum section?

    Forum section is the most vibrant section in ISC and it is said to be the gateway to ISC for the newcomers. New members introduce themselves here and then start by responding to the other posts or float their own forum post. Thereafter the members spread their wings to the other sections in ISC depending on their interest and aptitude. When they realise that there is a good potential of learning as well as earning in this site then they cling to it for a longer time and contribute as per their best of capabilities collecting awards and accolades in the process.
    Coming back to the forum section, I have observed that there are different categories of contributors here -
    (1) Those who float posts regularly and also regularly respond to others post.
    (2) Those who float some posts but respond to a large number of posts floated by other members.
    (3) Those who float posts occasionally but respond to a good number of posts.
    (4) Those who simply float their posts but are not responding to others posts. Even if they are responding then it is a very few select posts only.
    (5) Those who are occasionally posting or responding to the threads say may be once a fortnight or month or so.

    My humble suggestion is that if more and more members start appearing in the first 3 categories then we can have a much more vibrant scenario in the forum section which would help the site to grow further and also benefit the contributing members.
    What are your views on this?
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    True. Members should participate regularly in the forum section. But that depends on the interest of the individual member and another issue is the availability of time. Members who have limited time definitely look for more rewarding sections.
    When Somebody is interested in writing articles, some may be interested in the AskExpert section or job section. Some members may have more interest in their participation in various contests. It all depends on their time and interest.
    As far as I am concerned I am spending the majority of my ISC time on the forum section only. Generally, I will be one among the first five of the list of top scorers in the Forum section. Like me, there are some more members who spend their maximum section in the Forum section. It is always pleasant to see more contributions here in the forum section.

    always confident

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    Nice observation from the author to give a pep to the forum section and there is nothing secret and anybody can perform and be with winner from the day one. That they must have wide knowledge about the matters are being discussed as giving a vague reply would be discarded and even taken by the members. And how to post threads and how to respond was well explained and above all there must be liking and inclination to connect with the forum.Many members feel that there is no cash inflows for the forum but at the end of the month the contributions are taken into account and cash credits are given in lump sum. That is the reason being so I get the revenue share bonus for sure every month and that is regular happening. Try to give response to each post and that would increase your level of participation and be in competition.
    K Mohan
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