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    Why do parents prefer sending their children to private schools instead of Government Schools?

    Parents want to provide the best education to their children so that they settle down well in life. However, they admit their children to private schools rather than enrolling them in Government schools although the schools run by the latter not only give them free education but also give free meals, books and uniforms.
    My maid and cook have borrowed money and enrolled their children in private English medium schools. Why do you think this is happening?

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    Given a choice everyone may like to send their children to private schools. Given a choice everyone will like to get treatment in private hospitals. Many subscribers of BSNL and MTNL have switched to Reliance jio. Given a choice I will organise all my personal functions in 3 star or 5 star hotels. If I have sufficient money I will only buy branded products. More money I have I will fly by executive class.
    The above are some examples as why people who can afford go for the better options.
    When our children talk in English we all feel pride in it. We are ready to shell out a good amount of fees for private schools if our children get admission there easily. This is a natural preference that parents are opting in today's world.

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    Well, it is a fact that almost every parent wants to send his or her child to a private school. The same is true even for those parents who cannot afford the costly education of such private or convent schools. There are valid reasons behind such aspirations of theirs. The standard of education at a government school and a private school is way different. Even other things like infrastructure, quality of teachers, peer group, co-curricular activities, sports facilities, transportation is also different. The free education, meal or uniform is no compensation for the host of facilities or benefits a private school provides to its students. These days, every parent, be it poor or rich, is very conscious about their child's well-being. They want their sons and daughters to do exceedingly well in their career. As such, they don't mind investing huge sums of money and sending their children to schools where they will get the best education, improve their personality, learn conversational skills, and pick up various other skills as well. Government schools have to catch up with the private ones in these respects, for parents to change their attitude.
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    For many giving best education is the first priority as parents who were denied of best education in the past, are now taking care and want to give best education. The road side Idli vendor near my house has two children and he made both of them to study B tech through his hard work daily and today both the boys give a helping hand up to 8 am and thereafter they leave for their jobs and earning good amount. What I want to stress here that those children also studied with my daughter as class maters and they have started earning, and of course my daughter is still studying. Poor people have more passion for good education and want to see their children well settle in their life. So for this reason the enrollment in govt schools are less and many are begging and borrowing to join their wards in private schools.
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    Parents are now conscious with respect to the education of the kids and with the time, they have lost faith in terms of education provided in government schools. One way we can see that the teachers in such schools are well qualified and competent in their subjects but the only factors of loosing their interest in teaching is due to their security of the jobs. Hence they would not like to have more interest for the wards receiving education in such schools. The quality of education in the private schools are better because of some sort of fear prevailing in their minds. They think of the progress of each student and in the event of their poor performance they are made accountable. Though the parents have to shell out substantial amounts for the education of their wards in public schools, but they would not mind considering the quality of the education provided in such institutions. These schools take keen interest in the development the performance of the students in the different areas such as their speaking skills, interest in the sports and their participations in the different activities. Hence the inclinations of the parents for such school is natural.

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    Modern Parents always want to see their child start getting the expected marks. If they get higher marks they are confident about their child's world-winning talent and start a strict military routine. That martial law prohibits reading books outside of school. Even when watching TV, the pressure of reading from coaching and private teachers becomes shorter. Instead of watching all kinds of programs, teenagers go back to reading after spending time on music channels. Someone spends this leisure time playing video games again. Opportunities became scarce while playing on the field. They will no longer have the opportunity to see the world outside of education. They don't learn literature, they don't learn science, they don't learn arithmetic even if they learn math by assimilating the school text like an instrument. As a result, they finally won the world and got higher grades. After that started the battle of the war for getting a good job. The parents try their level best to build the life of their ward before retirement. To do so they always prefer a private school, private college, etc.
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    It is an unfortunate issue in our country. All teachers are qualified teachers and they get very good pay packets. But the teachers are more interested in the extra money they get by taking tuition in the house or by giving guest lectures in the private institutions.
    In many private institutions many are not qualified teachers and their salaries are much lower than the salaries of government teachers. But the results are excellent.
    The main reason is there is no answerability. No belongingness. In a private institution, each and every student's performance will be monitored and anybody falling short of performance will be offered special coaching.
    Because of these problems, only parents are preferring private institutions even though the fees are high. Many poor families also are trying to pay higher amounts of fees so that their children will have a better future. The government should think and do the needful.

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    For parents, children are their assets, it is not that they will become their support in old age, so rather a good future can keep children away from the problems that parents have faced in their time. As far as education is concerned, education is a medium which is capable of changing the generations and we are all aware of this. Now when we talk about private and government schools, then this is such a subject about which it will not be right to make a decision on one side. Government schools also give education but sometimes the careless attitude of the teachers (not all teachers can be included) and sometimes indiscipline by the children, compels other parents to keep the children away from such environment. Private schools naturally provide good education, faculty, and other facilities to keep their reputation good. Still, one thing is true that the child who is talented, no matter what school he studies, no one can stop his future from shining.

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