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    Knowing the expectations makes more sense.

    To expect or to fulfill the expectation of others, we have had such discussions many times before and have got many good answers too. But here I want to talk about hope in a different way. It is not the expectation that we do simply because someone is with us or a part of our life, but it is referring to the expectation that is automatically associated with our work or responsibility. When we take any responsibility, there are some expectations with it that may not be told but you are expected to understand it. Therefore, when taking up any task or responsibility, then keep clarity about what is expected from you. So that your work is also done in the right direction in the right way and the person in front is also satisfied with your work.
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    When we execute a job or task then it is imperative that we should know the deliverables expected and then only we would be able to do justice with that particular work. We should not feel shy of getting these things clarified from our seniors or colleagues because not getting cleared about these aspects will land us in a very uncomfortable and embarrassing situation and we must do efforts to avoid such a mishap. Knowing the expectations of an activity is always useful for its proper execution and logical conclusion.
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    This is nice observation made by the author. We have to behave with others on knowing the expectations and not to speak anything irrelevant. In this regard the best example of Ramayana can be cited here. When Hanuman came back from Sri Lanka and much has been gone through his journey but he preferred to say main things to Lord Ram. In Tamil it says " Kandein Seethai " that means "seen Seetha" that ended the much awaited result for which everyone was waiting with batted breath. So here the expectation of Lord Ram was well understood, and Hanuman knows that what ever gone through the travel is the test of his love and affection to Lord Ram and hence it need not be said and exaggerated. But it was Jamboovan who knows everything was full of appreciation to Hanuman and applauded for great efforts.
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    Very correct. When we give a job to somebody we should explain to them what are the expectations from outside. At the same time when we take up a job, we should be very clear about their expectations and we should give them our requirements and expectations also in a very clear manner. Then only our project will go in a proper way. If we start the work without knowing the expected outcome, we will be a bog failure. Our journey will always be planned baing on the destination we plan. When we are clear about the expectations and we feel the expectations are on the higher side and absurd, we can reject them outright at the beginning itself. It is always better to say no at the beginning itself instead of becoming a failure at the end.
    But I have seen people who accept the job without knowing the expectations of the other side start working and end with a disaster.

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