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    Do you still sanitize daily need items like milk packets and vegetables

    It's been close to two years and my wife has been religiously sanitizing and washing the daily need items like milk packets, vegetables and fruits. It takes a big chunk of her time from her regular household chores and at times, she becomes fed up with this extra work and wonders when things will be normal again. At such occasions, I suggest her to take it easy and do away with the sanitizing part. However, she hardly listens, nor does she allow me to share the load, as she knows I will not be sincere in my job. So guys, is it the same scenario at your households too? Are you continuing with the sanitizing and washing of the daily need items?
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    We have now stopped doing that and in my thinking very few people might be doing that. The reason is very straightforward that definitely some sort of herd immunity is generated and the scenario is changed with respect to the second wave situation. Still taking care and precautions is always considered as a better option.
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    Yes we are doing the sanitation of hands, wash the milk packets and vegetables as soon as fetched from the market and then made to dry for few hours and then loaded to the fridge spaces. Since the cases are rising and it can come from any side and anyone, there cannot be lethargic attitude from our side. Sanitizers, wearing mask and social distancing has become the part and parcel of daily life behavior and what is more interesting is the fact that the small children are wearing mask and glosses and asking the elders to do so. So there has been greater awareness among the public on the impeding risks and containing the disease is the only way out to keep ourselves vigil. And who ever are not following the same are discarded by the society and nothing is fetched from their stores and shops and this is big lesson for them.
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    Yes, we are doing sanitization of whatever materials we got from outside. Vegetables and fruits, milk packets were thoroughly washed with a special liquid nim wash , a product of ITC for 15 minutes. We are using masks and hand sanitizers when we go outside. For the past 4 days I am not going even for walking and bringing milk packets as the cases are on increasing trend. Many politicians, celebrities are attacked with virus. Even though people are saying that the virus is not as powerful like before, it is better to avoid unnecessary risk. Those who got infected has to undergo all the ordeals and fears as before. So it is always better not to take undue risks.

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    Yes. We are continuing the same. All vegetables will be soaked in water for 2 or 3 hours and then dried before keeping in the refrigerator. All packets are sanitised and kept separately for 2 days before we start using them. We are still continuing the same. When we go out and come back we wash our feet before entering the house. Mask is a must when we go out. We are not using public transport to go to nearby places and also far off places.
    I have seen the same practice in many houses. Still, the COVID threat is not completely over. We are seeing the number of cases increasing. Of course, the severity is not like earlier. The symptoms are mild. But we should not take it lightly. We have to be as careful as possible. Sanitisation of these packets and vegetables may not be as important as the other precautions. But if we stop some practices, our mindset will change and we may forget other important precautions.

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    No. we are not washing the veggies and fruits as we used to in the first lockdown time. I think we should do it whether it's a COVID or not. This not only removes the existing chemicals sprinkled on but also removes the harmful germs. Now, the market is having certain products which give liquid solutions for such sanitization tasks of vegetables and fruits bought from the market. Currently, people are somewhat relaxed as the third wave is not much severe compared to the first two waves of COVID.
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    No, we don't do it now but we still sanitize our hands frequently, also follow all the protocols to avoid being affected by the virus.

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