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    It's ok, so what, and What Next reaction of Indians to Covid

    A massive churning in terms of attitude of people is now seen and there is no way a big lockdown will work at all. In fact, most Indians are caught up with some sort of a fatigue as far as this virus and its mutations are concerned.

    24 odd months is a horrible period of time when Indians were forced to adopt to different ways of loving, working, eating and what not. Today, a "let us move on" kind of attitude is widely seen. People do wear masks but are irritated if someone forces them to do that in public. There are fines imposed. That is a welcome sign, though. For, public health is everybody's responsibility.

    We have reached a rather different scenario and only time will tell if some sort of herd immunity will work this time around.
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    It is not only in our country but the whole world is reeling under the threat of this dreadful virus. People are not habitual of keeping discipline and it is natural that they will irritate when asked to have it. The manifestation of the virus during the third wave is definitely different from that of during second wave. Thanks to the aggressive policy of the vaccination of the Govt that we could at least develop this sort of herd or collective immunity against the present strength of the mutating virus. Let us hope that soon the whole world will get rid of this evil force which has created havocs in our lives.
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    Indians need to be very careful and there cannot be lethargic attitude in terms of following covid protocols and that has become compulsory. People were talking about more stringent rules and fines, but even after that people are indifferent and they are not following the set rules.So what next is the big question, for which there is no answer as we have to do vaccination for the population of 0 to 15 years and if that was completed India can go for specific vaccines as the virus are being lined up. Already omicron specific vaccine is ready to be administered and that way India is preparing to get rid of the virus menace for sure. One thing is sure our scientists and researchers are doing over time to contain the disease spread but the import of new virus posing great challenges to the Medical fraternity.
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    Many people are thinking that we have to continue our living with Corona as part of our living. Now cases are on increase. But the severity is not very high. Many cases are getting cured in house only. Just less than 1 % of patients are only getting hospitalised. I heard some countries declare that they have to live with the virus. No vaccine or no mask.
    Now, the country is not ready to have one more lockdown that may change the economy of the country. Already many people are suffering and if any lockdown comes the problems will increase again. So people should take precautions and start working so that they will be safe and there will not be any problem further for their living.
    If we have to be in this world we have to stay safe and at the same time, we have to continue earning. So we have to balance both

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