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    Which is your area of interest in the field of creative writing?

    Many people have creative hobbies. It is not only a good pass time but helps in improving our knowledge and also helps in learning many new things. Being creative is itself a great reward.
    In the field of writing people express themselves in various ways like writing poems, short stories, stories, novels, articles, plays, serials etc. What is your interest area in the field of writing? If you are a newbie in this arena then which area you would like to develop?
    Please share your thoughts on this.
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    Every individual will have his/ her own interests and that depends on their thinking process and background. I came from a literary family. My father is a very good poet in Telugu and published many books written by him. Some of his books are prescribed as the syllabus for college students in some universities. Because of this, I also have a lot of interest in Telugu poetry. I also started writing poems in Telugu. I also published a book that contains 100 poems. Generally, books that contain only 100 poems is called " Satakam" in Telugu.
    I like writing articles in English on various topics that are related to my field of specialisation, Chemistry. I have published more than 50 research articles in various scientific journals during my career. After Joining ISC I started writing some articles in chemistry and other topics and they were published on this site.
    Still, I have to go a long way and I am thinking of writing another book of poems in Telugu.

    always confident

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    As far as the language is concerned, I like to write in both Hindi and English, but when we talk about the areas of a creative area of writting, then my aim is more in such an article which proves to be helpful for the people in any form. Especially such matters which a normal person often faces in his life but at times the right guidance or absence of any special counselor can trouble him. My aim is that maybe some of my write-ups may be useful to someone. Apart from that writing is an art and when someone has it luckily he/she can write on any topic just by doing some research.

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    I like to write essays,stories,poems and planing to write stories in and articles in Femina and Women's Era. But, I do not get enough time as I am pre-occupied with plenty of prior commitments.I hope I will be able to do so in the near future.I have also written a grammar book exclusively for my students who attend classes at my institute.

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    For me I have created a interest and niche to write anything on a word given and elaborating the word to many sentences has become the way of creating content for me. For example in this post, the author used the word creative. I would like to say something on that. Creativeness is the great trait present in few and they would explore their writing spell in different way. Creating a poem out of understandable words is always liked by others. Those who think creatively, they can also raise some good short stories on their own based on personal experience and knowledge. By being creative, it is the greatest gift which is not drawn from any source, nor helped by someone, it is the indigenous thought emanating from the writer mind and once he starts writing, the content would be flowing to the ultimate logic.
    K Mohan
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