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    Do you meditate every day?

    We all hear about meditation many times. Meditation is a technique that changes the consciousness of the individual. It is proved that meditation is having many benefits on the psychological well-being of human beings. It is a psychotherapeutic technique widely used by many psychiatrists to cure their patients. Meditation is practised all over the world by people of almost all faiths.

    A person who is practising meditation will have both psychological and physiological benefits. A person who is meditating will get his stress reduced a lot and will have peace of mind. This will help the individual to think better and make him successful in his tasks. The quality of life will improve.

    One should practice meditation to have good health as well as a sound mind.
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    The suggestion of the author is really encouraging and we must try to spare some time for meditation. If we have the time early in the morning, the better. Calmness in the morning promotes peace within ourselves and the meditation which requires concentration can be practiced with ease because of prevalence of calmness in the early hours. Meditation if done through the proper posture would certainly benefit us in many ways. It will nourish us heart, lungs and digestion process. The benefits can be felt with the sincere practice of meditation.

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    It is the fact that daily morning at wee hours I do pranayamam and sandhyavandanam, ie offering prayers to Gayatri devi and Sun God, and by doing so indulging in the meditation activity only. By doing the pranayamam early in the morning we are cleansing the bad air inside the body and try to inhale fresh air from outside and therefore those who do this in the morning are fresh active all though the day. There is no hard and fast rule has to which kind of meditation need to be followed and practiced. Even sitting on the ground with folded feet and closing the eyes for a while is also the meditation and by doing so we are having control over the mind and body not to roam about on thoughts which are absurd and not achievable. Surely those who have done the meditation through one form or the other are having good health.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A very good advisory by the author regarding the benefits of meditation. In our scriptures meditation is given a very high place and and its benefits are mentioned in great detail. Today not only the Indians but the whole world is following this great art of living for mental health and happiness.
    Those who are doing it on regular basis will definitely reap the benefits. Only those who are disciplined and having good self control can do it on a regular basis. It requires concentration and focus at the first place.
    Those who cannot do it alone due to their own reasons can do it in a group or a like-minded company and then gradually they will learn to do it alone also.
    Some of the elders in our society including me were doing it in the common area for quite some time but now due to the third wave we have stopped this social group activity and we have to do it alone in our houses.

    Knowledge is power.

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