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    Should we adopt Israel model in our country?

    Israel is a country which has zero tolerance for terrorism and anti national activities. They have a very tough and strict administration in this matter. It is surrounded by so many enemy countries but it is alone fighting with them and giving all of them a good lesson. It is said that every person in Israel is military trained. For an Israeli national country is the first and foremost thing and anything else is after that.
    We also have a big problem of terrorism and anti national activities in our country and if we adopt the Israel model then these problems can be possibly solved. What do you think regarding this matter? Can we ever become like Israel? Or we should handle it in a different way.
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    I remember discussing this point long ago. It was mentioned by members at that time that all students should be given at least some basic military training so that their services can be utilised by the country for the benefit of the country. NCC is one similar thing that was going on in schools and colleges but it was not compulsory and whether it can be made compulsory is the question.
    Actually in our country legal procedures are long and punishment procedures are very lenient. We go by the rule that we can leave a criminal but under no circumstances an innocent should not get any punishment., It sounds very good to hear. But it is becoming a blessing in disguise to intelligent criminals. So we should make that strong enough and ensure quick prosecution and punishment to criminals.
    Definitely, the Israel model is a better option in our country but my only doubt is whether our politicians really show interest. They want the present system to continue as it will suit them and they can rescue criminals also in some way or other.

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    Good thought emanated from the author and I have also heard of Israel type of modern government wherein everything goes by strict order and no compromise on national security. Unfortunately in India the opposition is not that worthy to believe and take into confidence and what ever done on national security is not welcome and the opposition party goes to the extent of supporting the enemy country. Israel is the small country and they do not have these many states as we have and the biggest problem with India that when it comes to national interest and any decision taken on the same is not welcome by the states. Hence adopting to the Israel model may not be possible in near future unless and until the present govt was reelected again and there would be formidable change in India thinking on zero tolerance.
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    Terrorism and anti-national activities have no place in any country. If they exist, it is the failure of the government. Our country is also having hostile neighbors. The country is able to guard its borders successfully but for some land that was lost to China in a war. That was long ago and when India was in an infant stage militarily.

    Military training for every citizen is necessary only when there is a war-like situation. These are the days of nuclear weapons. Our hostile neighbors are also nuclear-powered. A war between nuclear powers leaves nothing but destruction to both sides. War should be avoided and peace and good relations with neighbors are the only solutions. Efforts in that direction are need of the hour.

    The National Cadet Corps(N.C.C) is there in many schools and colleges as mentioned by a member. The NCC aims to develop character, and discipline among its trainees. Compulsory N.C.C. training is sufficient.

    The Israeli model of government is not suitable and good for India. Israel is a frequent violator of international norms. It occupied a part of Palestine and the Palestinians living there are subjected to huge suffering and are declined their fundamental rights. Do we wish such a model in our country too?

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    As said by KVRR, no country tolerates anti-national/terrorist activities and the toughness of the administration depends on how strictly laws are implemented. In India, there are strict laws but the implementation is poor. The government blames the opposition and the opposition remain suspicious of the activities of the governments in power. This is going on for a long time and no one is accountable. Israel is a small country and the population is quite less compared to our country. The problem with the successive governments is not concentrating on the genuine solutions to the problems. Superficial solutions and blame games will not help to get rid of the problems. In our country, the voices are different from different quarters. Unless there is a united voice raised on various issues it is hard to resolve conflicts.

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