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    Do you believe that a good husband makes a good wife?

    The husband will be a responsible person for the family. Take care of the maintenance and treatment of wife and children, education, everything. Do not leave any difficult responsibilities to your wife alone. There may be quarrels in the family. But you will love your wife without remembering anything. The husband will be by the side of the wife as a friend. Then your wife will take care of everyone in your family. And will be considered a good wife. Is it right or will she have some duties as a wife?
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    Definitely, A good husband makes a good wife. When a girl comes to a new place leaving all the known people and her own house by holding the hand of a boy with 100% confidence in the boy, the boy should stand up to her expectations and take proper care of her. Then she will definitely concentrate on the well being of the other members of the family.
    These days many boys are giving very good importance to their wives and that too much liking is becoming an advantage to the girl and she is making always her way the correct way. The girl should also remember that the house she entered now is going to be her permanent residence and she should get accustomed to the systems there instead of trying to import systems from her mother's house. It will be tough and the things will become bitter if the girl tries that and the boy will become sandwich between the mother and the wife,

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    What I feel that a understandable husband would make a good wife. If the husband is rigid and not flexible to the thoughts of the wife. then nothing would move in right directions. Right from the day of marriage, the husband has to make the life easy and wife being from other family, he as to create the feel good factor which would enable the wife to understand more about the husband and the life gets going. Never be rude to wife, tell her the mistakes in most polished way and also get into work with her when demanded and make the life more encouraging. Once the confidence level is created in her, then she gets into working mode with more profess and more accurate on every issue and that would have lasting bonding in the family. Once wife gets into the mode, others would also abide by her rules and ways of life.
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    It is not in the hands of a husband to make a good wife. He can only try to do so but result would depend on many other factors. Wives are not slaves or puppets that husband can manoeuvre them in their own ways. Today they have their own independent lives. They have their hobbies and interests and would like to have their own free time for that. The women who are having good jobs and are earning would not abide by the rules and regulations formed by a husband especially a dominating type. The time has gone when a good gesture from the husband kept the wife happy for a week. Today husband has to live in equal terms and mutual trust with the wife if he really wants to win her. Further, it has to be on a continuous basis and not to please her to get the domestic work done. The only good combination is when both are having understanding and ready to help each other.
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    I have watched a program in television and in that a middleman told the husband and wife should lead a compromised life to have a lost long peaceful life. In those days people lived like this and we can see couples having married life over fifty years without any single chaos. He further told a couple approached a lawyer for divorce/separation. The advocate initially discuss with them individually and finally called both of them finally and told them that both of them are living with another husband or wife. Both of them got shocked. He further told that before marriage any male imagine his wife and similarly a girl imagine her husband. But when the marriage is once over, if the expectation is different from imagination, the chaos and misunderstanding creeps. The couple should compromise with other once the marriage is over. They should forget their previous imagination if differs in the marriage.

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