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    Where or how far is heaven or hell situated?

    For many of us, there is no such thing as heaven or hell. And anything beyond heaven and hell is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Again, someone's idea is heaven-hell among people. Has anyone seen heaven or hell at all? If heaven and hell exist, why don't we see them? Thus, where is heaven, where is hell - many are unknown. As per Vedic scriptures, there are seven Bhubon including earth above the earth, those are heaven, Maha, Jana, Tapa, and Satya or Brahmalok, and there is seven Bhubon hell below the earth, those are Atal, Vital, Sutol, Talatal, Mahatal, Rasatal, and Patal. That is, the earth is between heaven and hell. Therefore, the influence of both heaven and hell exists here, and although the divine and demonic qualities existed separately in different persons in this Kali Yuga, the divine and demonic qualities exist in the same person. According to that formula, heaven and hell among human beings even if it is said, it is against the scriptures to confine heaven and hell. Because the scriptures have a clear description of the position of heaven and hell. Have you any idea about this please explain?
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    What I feel that the distance between the heaven and hell is the distance between our good thoughts and bad doing to others. If you are straight forward, having the right approach to everything as per the said rules and thoughts. nothing is going to stop you in doing good deeds. Once the mind gets upset, or go for the wrong directions, we are bound to take wrong decisions and that is detrimental to our very survial sometimes. Some would feel the heaven on the earth itself when they part with their hard earned saving and see a ray of hope on others face who are needy and most wanted in that regard. And those who helped others are always happy because the God would also create ways and means to help him so that he would reach out to others. One thing is sure, the heaven is for good people for every good need.
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    Both are just adjacent to you. The place is the same. It is the individual who makes it a heaven or a hell.
    A poor man had just two Chapathis and sleeping happily on the roadside. It is his heaven.
    A rich man is thinking deeply about the CBI enquiry he is going to face tomorrow and has forgotten that he has not taken any dinner. Even though he had everything in his refrigerator he has no mind having them. He is not feeling sleepy even though he is lying on his bed in an AC room. It is his hell.
    What I feel is that there are no separate hell or heaven to visit after our death. They are right here on this earth adjacent to you. What are your desires and how contented you are will decide whether this earth is a heaven or a hell for you?
    We hear or read about this hell and heaven in books. But we are seeing people who are very happy on this earth. That means the earth itself is a heaven for them. There are people who always worry about something or other. This world itself is a hell for them.

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    You , yourself can decide where is hell and where is heaven. I(f you are constantly helping others,do not hoard you money and give it for charity and donate food to the hungry you will realize that you are close to heaven. Nevertheless, if your keep on hurting people and keep your money safely in the bank or locker,do not even part with your money when somebody asks you for a loan and swell with pride ,jealous of others achievements and back bite about people your sub-conscious mind will be whispering to you that hell is not very far away from you.

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    You have already said that the scriptures have a clear description of the position of heaven and hell so I don't think you should be worried about their location. I think you have your own definition of hell and heaven and they will be quite similar to that of others as all good and pleasurable situations are considered to be found in heaven and the reverse in hell. They are just on the reverse side of each other. Something like if one is situated in the North Pole the other is in the South Pole. Now I hope it will be easier to measure the distance.

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    In every culture there are some concepts made by the scholars which were accepted and believed by the people at that time. Then that remained as a milestone in that culture and it is not only our Indian culture but others have their own such things embedded there. These things become so engraved in the minds of the people belonging to that culture that they cannot accept that it was the conjecture of the scholarly minds in the past. If you tell this thing to them they will collectively become angry with you and chances of a good beating would arise which you would never like so better keep quiet and just observe them believing in it.
    With that background in the mind it is clear that they do not exist physically and are a cultural or religious concept to keep people pressurised to do good things to avoid hell after death. Some people believe that hell and heaven are on this Earth itself as some are suffering while some are enjoying. No one knows the reason as why it is so.

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