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    Those who think that they can act independent not intelligent

    Every work of us are guided and sourced from somewhere or the other and in that case if anyone claims that he can do it on independent and not reliable on anybody then he is not termed as intelligent. We have to be humble enough to agree that we are helped, advised by others and even prompted by others in rendering our daily duties and we think that we are doing the same on our own. We may be intelligent, educated and even have enough experience, but we are doing or attempting those works which are already be laid with procedures by others.
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    Working independently has got to do nothing with intelligence. An example would clarify the message that was tried to be conveyed through this thread. When a fresher joins an organization, initially a lot of help is required from the seniors to carry out various tasks. After some time, when the fresher get accustomed to all the processes associated with the works the fresher can definitely claim that she/he can work independently. That's also what the organization expects. Those who join ISC may not be very good at writing at the beginning and time to time need the assistance of the editor and other members. After becoming conversant the member can contribute flawlessly without direct assistance from anyone. Here acting independently implies acting without any direct assistance from anyone. However indirect assistance always remains as all the things are interrelated in many ways.

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    When I say my wife prepared the food, it is not that she did it without the help of anybody and everything on her own. The same is the case with the employees in the office also. Everybody will have a job profile and to perform as per the profile they have to get help and assistance from others and that is the duty of those people who are helping will be their job profile. I feel trying to do everything on our own is not a wise act.
    At the same time, always depending on somebody for the works which we can do on our own is also not correct. An intelligent person can understand the skills of the persons and use them accordingly to get his work completed perfectly and fastly. A boss who uses the correct person for a correct job and that is the secret of his success always, Knocking a wrong door or depending too much on others or not taking help from others where required may lead to failures many times.

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    Independent working comes with experience and only after one learns the great detail about a job. In the beginning there is no question of independent working. That is the time to learn the basics and learn from the peer group or from the seniors or even the juniors.
    Independent working has many associated risks and people often make blunders while working independently.
    Intelligent people will always try to work with a group so that corrections will be applied on the go and the result will be much better than one which is obtained by working independently.
    Intelligent people sometimes pose as if they are competent and able to work independently but deep in their heart they very well know that working in a group is always rewarding.

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