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    Do the pets understand the commands of master ?

    It has been seen widely that the pet owners do have chat with their pets as if they understand and agree to the commands. Pets are having good memory of those who care for them and they do recognize those who are the regular feeders of food for them. In a same house the pets would not like everyone and may even show hostility to some because they read the mind of the people as to who is caring and who is discarding them from the heart. In this back drop some pets do understand the words of the master and behave.
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    Pets may understand the commands of their masters. My brother in law was having 2 dogs in his house. Those two dogs used to understand what my brother in law was telling and used to perform that act. He used to take care of them very much. Almost for 14 years, those two digs were with him. Then the two dogs died. My sister and brother in law used to command those two dogs and they were obliging them.
    It all depends on the training the masters give to their pets. We have seen parrots repeating the words of their master. Animals are very loyal and they will oblige their masters. The only problem is sometimes the masters will not properly understand the pain of the pet animals and thus they are inviting problems for themselves through those pets. But the fish and tortoises that are in the aquarium may not be able to understand the commands of their masters. They live happily in those aquariums without any problem as long as the master gives them fees.

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    Experience make us feel that pets understand masters commands.
    The explanations can be any.
    Not just verbal commands, but I had felt that they even understand the subtle nuances we display.

    Many days I get to see my wife communicating with crows. I had felt that they mutually understand the communication words, gestures and responses.

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    Pets can remember some sounds and words and can find out whether it is being spoken by the same person or not. For getting this type of training we have to repeat the thing a few times and suitably award the pet when it obeys. This is known as the conditioning and works well. We must not create confusion in their minds and if we are not consistent then they would not learn the thing.
    I had a cat whom I often told that we would go out in the backyard and she always accompanied me there. My guests were surprised because if someone told her same thing she simply stared and did not oblige. It requires repetition and consistency in training them.
    Recently I saw a kitten near my housing complex and I took some cat food and gave it to her. Next day same time I located it and gave the food. After that I simply went to it and made sound with a plastic packet inside which the food was there and it ran to me and started rounding my legs. That is conditioning.

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