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    We don't get performance for free

    While we get jealous over the superlative performance of others and their winning awards and accolades in a most systematic way, what goes into this achievement is their performance, which has not come for free, but sustained through great experience and knowledge acquaintance in the field. While winning is the ultimate goal for others, but what has been done in that direction is the main thing to be pondered over. At Least by getting into jealous mode try to learn and surpass the performance made and achieved by others.
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    Agree with the author. However, it is surprising to think that some people achieve one success after another in life while others are just ready for work. It is also very surprising that a person reaches his goal by overcoming one adversity after another in his life, and one person struggles to overcome the adversity and cannot reach the goal. If the above two questions were included in the school-college curriculum and if the correct answers were taught to the students then our education system would take a new look. Those extraordinary people are not waiting for the opportunity. We too can be successful if we can identify the qualities that led to their success and follow them properly. Similarly, if there are all the failures or some features. We will not fail if we avoid those features. There is no secret to success. Success is the result of simply applying a few key principles on a regular basis. So successful people should look for the key to success and follow it.
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    Why should one get jealous at the wonderful performance of the other person? It will not only drain a lot of energy but will also distract from the target. There is no point in thinking about how the other one is performing. If you have set any goal you need to achieve that and if you have not set any target then set a target and work for it. Why should we think of the achievement of others as a benchmark rather than surpassing our previous records step by step? This can surely help us to do better.

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    We can use the performance level of a better performing person as a benchmark and we can try to achieve and then exceed the benchmark. That is not wrong. The wrong thing is trying to spoil the person who is doing well by distracting him/her from their target. Instead of wasting our energy in looking at others performance and feeling jealous of them, if we concentrate and use all our energies properly we can be more successful.
    One should always remember that one should not concentrate on awards and rewards. One should concentrate on performing to their best possible level and they should evaluate themselves and try to improve their performances. Awards and rewards that are due will follow automatically, I feel.
    When an artist performs on the stage, the concentration should be on the performance but on the audience who are sitting in front and their claps. At the same time, one should not keep in mind the appreciation or rewards they are going to get when they are performing.

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    Let us not be disheartened with the better performance of others and such successful performers have definitely the grasp of the jobs being undertaken by them and they apply their skills accordingly in the jobs leading to success. Instead of being jealous of their superlative performance, we need to analyse the facts which they might have employed to carry out the given assignments.
    Instead of distracting such persons from their jobs so that they cannot achieve their targets, we should think of our own jobs paving us to success. Patience, understanding the jobs and sufficient exposure in the working area can provide us success.

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    Performance comes after a long journey of hard work and sustained efforts. When someone other performs in a fascinating way then we feel that he is gifted and God is on his side but when we want to do the same thing then neither we are able to do so nor God has time to come and stand by our side. Jealousy will further deteriorate the situation as the time lost in being jealous is the opportunity lost for improvement. The problem in this world is that people want to achieve something without doing hard work and there is no magic wand that can help us in achieving that and the only recourse is again the hard work only.
    The irony is that sometimes even after doing the hard work one cannot get success or results as envisaged earlier and that is a shocking thing but such things also happen like that in our lives and one has to accept that as the ways of luck or destiny.

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    Mohan, I think this thread is misconceived. First of all, the jealousy part itself sounds so unhealthy. Why should one feel jealous about another who wins? And what is all that about 'performance not being free'? Each of us performs as per our capabilities. Virat Kohli might be a great cricketer but he may not match Maradona as a footballer. Everyone has his own strengths and weaknesses. Accepting the same and moving forward is all that makes the difference. Feeling jealous or feeling that others are jealous about you is a negative trait that must be avoided.
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