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    Is it legal to have or form employee unions in the Government Sector?

    Employee unions do not exist in the private sector, as far as we can tell. Employee unions are only formed in the state and central government-run sectors (those that are undertaken or overseen by the government). Since the Modi government wants to privatize two national banks, bank staff unions have called a two-day walkout, causing customers to be inconvenienced. Not only that but there are countless examples of employees organizing agitations to meet their needs. Is it legal for government employees to join or create unions?
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    Employee unions are there in the government sector also. Even in private organisations also there are unions and the employees are protected with various labour and employees acts.
    Unions are for staff and workmen and for the people who will be covered under workmen compensation act.
    There will not be any unions for officers and highly paid employees. They will have associations.
    In private organisation officers are not supposed go for any agitation. If the management has any doubt on any officer, they will remove him as per the terms and conditions of his appointment letter and no body can do anything. But in government organisation nobody will be terminated so easily. I know about various associations of bank officers and the way the spend money and time on the association matters.
    In 1970s and 1980s workers unions were very strong. But these days it is not like that. Unions and management should go together to keep the company running. This fact is realised by both the parties.

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    Unions are there in the Govt departments and are able to pressurise the Govt on one pretext or another. Privatisation is the only solution to get rid of these unions. Let us go in the history of these unions to understand the issue more clearly. In every department there are some people who do not want to work but want fat salaries. They are actually the leaders of these unions and the senior officers are also afraid of them as these leaders are generally having good connections in political circles. Everyone knows that the efficiency of the Govt departments is low but their salaries are very high and these unions get good money collection from the employees by taking the collection every month from them. These leaders even travel by air with that money and enjoy the facilities also. The main task of these unions is to get pay revisions regularly and get more and more perks for the Govt servants. These unions are very powerful and there was a time when these leaders left their job for a party ticket before elections. Some of them even became MP or MLA. If Govt quashes these unions then a big headache for the Govt would not be there.
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    It is not the question of forming a union in govt sector and thereby what is going to be achieved through their representation and protest is always a subject matter between the employees, management and the govt and also interfered by the courts. While joining there is a expressed clause in signing the employment agreement that you will work for the sector and would not reveal the secrets to others and work for the development of the sector. And makes the matter clear that employees cannot form the union and if at all they form, there is no credential or validity. Simply the employees would be wasting time , loosing the pay for no work days and also earn the wrath of the management. In these days of contract labors and daily wages labors available for any sort, the management can even remove the bad employees.
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    Unions play their roles in both central government undertaking and private organisations. They are really powerful and at time the management become helpless before these unions. They can guide, quote different ways how to compel the management to concede their demands. They would motivate the workers to put pressure for even minor issues such as enhancement of canteen allowance, night shift allowance, scholarships of the employees sons and daughters for their higher education etc. Had there not been union, these employees could not have been successful in their mission. Naturally, management is definitely afraid of these unions and arbitrarily they cannot punish the workers unless they take confidence of the so called unions operating in the organisation. Unions survive on the hefty collections of funds being raised by the employees and with the time such union leaders become strong with their induction in MLA or MP.

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