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    Do you prefer watching a movie in a theatre?

    I like watching movies. I used to go very frequently to movies during my college and university days. I used to go almost every Sunday to a theatre to watch a movie. Those days there were no private channels and only DD. No TV was also there in our house those days. After marriage, our main entertainment was to go for a movie only and we used to go to at least one movie in a week.

    Slowly many TV channels arrived and many movies are getting screened on TV. Now OTT platforms are there and even new movies are also available on these platforms. But I never liked to see a movie on this small screen. Many people may prefer watching them on the TV screen

    When we see a movie by sitting in the house we will have many disturbances and we may not be able to enjoy the movie fully. So I prefer going to a theatre and watching movies there. The sound effects and lighting effects will be completely different in a theatre. We can watch the movie with full concentration. But unfortunately for the last two years, I missed movies in the theatre due to the pandemic. I feel it will be another 5 or 6 months I can't go to a movie theatre.

    what is your preference, please?
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    Though I do not watch movies frequently, it is always preferable to watch the movies on the big screen. The effects of watching the movies on a big screen is a different experience altogether although I would say the choice varies. It may also depend on the habits of the person. Nowadays anyone can watch movies from any device they wish and they became used to it. So, going to the theatre may not be the only choice. The work schedule of people is different nowadays and many cannot manage suitable time to go to the theatre. All these things have altered viewing habits and people are even accustomed to watching movies during the short breaks they get during working hours.

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    Movies are made with vast budget, great costumes, great acting talent, wonderful photography, great dramatization and above all best locales chosen for the songs. All these has to be enjoyed on the big screen and that viewing pleasure would be tremendous. Moreover when we are watching a movie with 1200 fans in the hall, the hooting, the rave comments and the claps for the best scene would be a thrill to watch and we also spontaneously join in the matter. But that kind of pleasure viewing may not be possible at the home or OTT platform. That is the reason being that fans go crazy and watch movies for many times as they enjoy every sequence of their reel hero as real and cherish those memories whole going back to home. Surely watching the movie at the theaters is a paisa vasool satisfaction for many.
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    There was a time when I was much interested in viewing a movie sitting in a cinema hall or multiplex. It was a great time having fun with family or friends chit chatting in between and having snacks on the side of the movie. It was like a great outing and enjoying our time together. With time the craze for going to a picture hall for the movie subsided and slowly I was totally disconnected with that activity because of obvious reasons that movies were available in the house itself on the press of a button at the convenience of the individual.
    About 4-5 years back some of my friends told me that there is a very good movie going in the multiplex nearby and let us all go together there and enjoy it. They told that it would be a great fun if we went together and rekindled our past life. Somehow not only me but many other people showed no interest in the activity barring a few of us and then the program was cancelled.
    Still some people are interested in seeing the movie in the big hall with big screen and that is definitely a good idea.

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