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    How we waste our energy?

    We all are cautioned since childhood not to waste things. As we grow up, the list of things that people generally waste increases. During childhood, the wastage is limited to food, water, toys and a few other small things but when we grow up the list can be really long. For example, along with food and water people waste a lot of time on avoidable conflicts, on purchasing items they rarely use and moreover their energy which they can easily conserve. Doesn't it sound crazy when I said we waste a lot of energy too? Maybe, but to understand that, we need to observe a couple of things very closely. Just think of a day when everything goes well at your home as well as at your workplace. Or think of a day when you keep yourself busy with activities that you like very much. Think of your energy level on those days and you will see that you always wanted to do more. Now think of the days when unwanted thoughts cropped up your mind or when you are thinking too much about something/someone that gives you pain. You will find that you have spent a lot of time on those things and your productivity is quite less. If you look at your diet you will not find any difference yet you felt less energetic on those days. So where does the energy go on those days? It was channelized to do tasks that you were not supposed to do. Isn't it so?
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    As fuel of the body is energy it should not be wasted on worries which will lead to anxiety. Energy should be well utilised. Unwanted talking is also another way of wasting energy. By remaining silent as much as possible will help us to be peaceful and spiritual.Further,when you talk less you can avoid controversy .

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    Good post from the author and it is the fact to be admitted that we all waste energy on issues and matters that is not productive and yet lots of time and energy is gone into it and then involved in confrontation of no return and this is happening with even educated lots. We think that we are eating energetic food fit for working for the day but when we indulge in no performing acts and our energy is lost when we really want to attend our best work. It is is said that first three hours of golden working hour, ie 9 am to 12 am are the most best period to which everyone would be energetic and does the work more productive way. But in govt offices even this hour is wasted with late arrival and then indulging in gossips of yesterday and that gives no productivity and by the time they want to settle and sit on their seats it would be lunch time.
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    This is a very interesting topic raised by the author. It is true that we always waste energies of different amount at different times. Very few people know as how to conserve and channelize the energies in the positive territories.
    Human beings have immense potential for executing any job and have plenty of time and plenty of energy for doing that. Unfortunately what hampers it is our laziness and mind set which makes us to resist for working or stops us to go for creative endeavour.
    In a nutshell we can say that when we don't use our time in a proper way and constructive way then we would be simply wasting our energies day and night without any positive outcome.
    Time and energies are closely related to each other. If we idle our time then that is also equivalent to wasting our energies.

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    True. The author is very correct. We waste our energy and time on unnecessary matters and issues. As a matter of fact, we never realise the value of our time and energy. We waste our energy in unnecessary activities, we travel long distances to purchase a small item even the same is available nearby as the same which a little different from what we want. Is it not a waste of time and energy? But we will not accept the same.
    We quarrel with each other for small things. Instead of quarrelling about such petty things, if we compromise a little we will definitely save our money energy. But our ego will never allow us to do that.
    When we do some works we feel happy and we will have high enthusiasm to do such work. But even though we wanted to do similar works times we may have to waste our energy on some other wanted issues. Those days will be very dull and we feel like not working.

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    May be true. But late realization by everyone and it so happens in every case. During my University days, we use to chat till mid-night, play caroms and some people used to play cards and thus mid-night oil continued to burn. At that time it was enjoyment and now we feel waste of energy. Food habits too, going out for movie and dining out in hotel and now we realize that it affected the health because of the junk food. We never bother to help our spouse until she becomes sick and loses energy while doing service to her family.

    Of course, we become matured at least by accepting the mistakes in the past and realized that it could not have been done!


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    Very true as this not all wastes our energy but also distracts from our main goal and sometimes we are indulged in our thoughts too much that we are unable to enjoy our present also. For conserving this energy one has to first classify the work area into productive and unproductive ones because this differs at the personal level. After that classification, one should minimise working on such unproductive areas. It can not be ratified overnight and the same happens with many people. They try to do all good in a single night and when they can not do it they feel dejected and once again messed up in their thoughts.

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