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    Death of the traditional jobs

    When we got independence in the year 1947, the government started to create a large number of government departments, public sector units, and other quasi-government organisations so that the country can develop with a rapid pace. That created a great employment opportunity for the people and many people started to get jobs in a much easier way than what is generally believed to be happening in a situation of unemployment. A lot of credit goes to those government policies at that time which helped India in transforming from a slave country to an independent country. Interestingly at the time, many jobs were created mainly for giving employment and giving distinctive honour to the people having higher positions. For example at that time so many posts of peons or water boys or helpers or dak boys or contingents were there that though the salary was less, a large number of people were engaged in jobs. I still remember that at that time when we used to go to a bank for some work then peon was the most important person because he was taking our cheques or instruments from one chair to another chair and until he did that our job would not happen. Being school children at that time we used to address them as uncles and with that respectful word he used to oblige us by moving our paper on priority.

    In today's computerized and digital world all those jobs are not there. A great employment opportunity is lost. In private manufacturing and industrial sectors, automation and computerization have been the death toll of jobs for the large number of labourers who were associated with it. Companies are hiring only 100 people where earlier they were hiring 10000 people.

    What is your observations on the death of traditional jobs?
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    Advancement in tecnology has led to appointment of reduction in the number of employment and the government organisations are following this method resulting in loss of jobs to uneducated people such as peons and house keeping staff.
    However,now also the security inside the ATM helps people to make an entry in the Passbook, withdraw money and check balance amout in the account. My opinion is development in technology had thought them to be efficient and smart. In addition to guarding the money,they also do some other work.

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    When we are writing notes on papers and we are sending for circulation we used to have a peon to carry them from one chair to the other chair. Now no hardcopies and mails will be sent internally on computers and the final copy will be sent to the intended receiver.
    In earlier days, senior officers in the private companies used to have PAs who knows shorthand. The letters dictated by the officers were written by these PAs using shorthand and then type and bring for corrections. But once the laptops came nobody is dictating and no jobs for shorthand professionals.
    Like this, as time changes, some jobs will vanish and new jobs will come. But unfortunately, class IV jobs are vanishing. Even in the industry also due to automation many unskilled workers and skilled workers posts are getting vanished.

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    I can't pinpoint whether I have seen any such job being available in the past but not today. Only such person in my memory is a postman who is still there even if his relevance has reduced and rarely is seen. And I have not seen a letter box I don't know maybe for a decade other than in the post office. Since the whole postal department has almost lost its significance it is now renewing itself in various forms.

    But I do agree with the notion of the author here that in the earlier times getting jobs and a respectable job was easy for an educated person and was seen with much honour. The irony today is that people Pursuing higher jobs today are seen as sad cases who were not able to grab the jobs at a young age. The fault lies with our education system and the resources management that the whole brigade of youth which can be utilised very well is sitting idol at home behind the screens. India is just not able to use its potential and nothing is been done, unlike earlier politicians, today politicians are only concerned with religious politics and winning. The issue of employment and job creation is completely a sidelined thing. No one is talking about this issue from the platform of politics and no one in the audience seems to be concerned. But we are slowly moving towards a very grave condition.
    I hope policymakers come up with such a policy of respectable and useful job creation that can utilise the young potential as mentioned by the author in the post.

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    The people of our country are well acquainted with the term peon, which belongs to the fourth class workers. In some offices, they were called Daftari, Chaprashi, or Ardal. This post has not yet been completely abolished. There are various government offices now but the amount has decreased a lot. At present, the new name of this post is 4th class office assistant. Office assistant to keep the office clean, obey the orders of the officer. He works to open and close the office, to serve tea to those who come to the office, to send messages, dak outside, etc. He comes to the office first and leaves last. This is why they are also called office Laksmi. Earlier there were not so many security guards but nowadays they can be seen working in any office or factory wearing nice uniforms. So with the advent of technology, the jobs of this class have increased a lot but in other clothes.
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    With the dynamism, there is a lack of traditional jobs but on the other hand, new jobs are also emerging. For instance, in the past, there are very few courier companies and hence they hire few people but now with the advent of e-commerce and several other online platforms these jobs are growing at a very fast pace. The concept of outsourcing was not much accepted by the companies in the past but now these outsourcing industries are hiring a large number of young populations. These peons are also hired at some offices to monitor CCTV and several other small jobs. So with changes job profile also faces structural changes.

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    I agree with the point. There were lots of such positions which we don't see these days.

    One such job was as a computer operator. I remember in the 1990s when started doing the job we used to have just one PC in the office and there was only a person who used to operate it. Things have changed now as people nowadays have to be skilled in operating computers and they are required to do their paperwork themselves, there is no such computer operator these days in the companies, at least not in the private organizations.

    I feel this is one of the drawbacks of automation when there were lots of people involved in recording and maintaining the data which is now done on the computer and no special manpower is required for the same. Yes, the traditional jobs are getting killed now because of automation. And in the future, it will keep going on.


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    Every advancement has its own pros and cons but here are the advancements in the field of technology, I personally feel that although the traditional jobs are like vanishing, there are a lot of new opportunities emerging to learn, get skilled and earn. In earlier times, the peons were peons only and not capable of doing any technical stuff but nowadays, even an office boy knows how to operate a computer and internet and that gives him a sort of confidence that if he will lose his current job, he will be able to arrange his bread and butter.
    This advancement in technology is giving new creative ideas to the people to earn and that's the reason for the increase in the number of startups in our country.


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