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    Are we right role models for our children?

    A banker friend of mine explained a bit of what is called black money to his ten year old son and also asked me to share my views. I explained the concept in detail. The boy was too curious. He wanted to know if all cash transactions were black money transactions. I explained that a huge majority of businesses, where people just earned Rs21000 or thereabouts, did not and do not generate black money at all. I also explained basics of income tax. The boy seemed to very convinced that both his parents were very honest tax payers. Perhaps his parents had explained this to him. Since I did not have much time, the conversation was short but therafter I have had a couple of telephonic conversations with him.

    One thing stands out: the boy is able to see a link between what he considers as good and his own parents as role models. He is the only son and should stay tuned to the glitter and noise that he is bound to see. We ought to always be the right role models for our children. We just do not have any choice.
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    A ten year old of Z generation can easily understand what is hard earned money and what is money earned through unfair means. It is always better to explain about it at a early age itself because when he starts earning money as an adult this thought would be deeply imbibed in his mind and will pay the taxes regularly to the government .This will indirectly help the society asa whole as one good citizen will inspire many.
    Parents themselves should set up an example by not evading tax and do not encourage corruption.

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    Parents can always be a good role model for children but unfortunately in today's world it applies to a very few parents. There are many people in Govt service in good positions and some of them are making good black money just because they can favour a person for some job or some issue of certificate or things like that. Everyone is not like that but those who are making money like that must be sharing it with some higher ups who are allowing them to do so. Some of the people in business are also doing this through the route of tax evasion and other malpractices. So in nutshell some parents are engaged in such things and what would their child think when on ED or CBI raid 300 crore cash is seen coming out of the lockers hidden in the walls of the house.
    I agree we should be role model to our children because they will simply do what they are seeing us doing.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good that the author could able to convince and convey what was sought by his banker friend son and that sounds good because children are habituated to ask doubts and unless, until they get convinced reply they keep on bothering the parents. By the way what is black money is not being defined right by any govt so far. Over and above what is earned from other source and not accounted for has been regarded as black money. For a shop owner whatever collection he gets out of daily sale proceeds is certainly not a black money. But what he conceals as tax to be paid to the govt is always stashed and that would become big money as the black money later. Those who had the black money always concealed from others and do not dare to deposit in the bank. I think this way the boy should have been told.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This boy was able to understand the basics. He should be allowed to grow and figure it out for himself. Of course, someone in his school also seems to have taught him some basics. In my opinion, if the parents are very honest, the children will automatically become very honest. For example, at the age of 15, he can be told that there is one big vehicle called PPF, which is a very good tax free vehicle for his futuristic savings. At this moment, it might be a bit too confusing for him to understand that. And let us not forget-- if he seems someone behaving unethically, he will immediately start having questions in his mind. The wider implications of everything have to be taught over a period of time, in a gradual manner.

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    It is a fact that parents of the child will be the first gurus of their children. All the children will learn by seeing their parents and their behaviour. Definitely, children will feel that their parents are their role models.
    They will always feel that their parents are always correct and they try to behave like their parents only. So parents should behave responsibly and teach all good deeds only to their children. But parents who do all sorts of work will never think that their children should be in a different way. They never mind their children following them in their behaviour. There may be a father and his son sitting together and planning for something illegal activity also. I have seen father and son sitting together and drinking.
    I agree with the author that we as parents should behave properly and teach our children morals and ethics so that they will be good citizens of the country.

    always confident

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    Let us keep aside the tax element for sometime, after all it is not a yardstick to determine one's honesty. Parents, teachers and even the neighbours would surely influence the young mind. When I was a child, I used to visit my maternal uncle who was a Tahsildar. He had a Dafadar (Tahsildar's peon is called as Dafadar) and I heard his son was doing MBBS. In those days, studying and getting a seat in MBBS was really a herculean task while my uncle's son is struggling to clear his B Sc. Both the Tahasildar and Dafadar were known to be honest. Then whom we have to rate as better role models?

    Every parent wants his child to be in a better position and even a drunkard would justify his stand by narrating the circumstances that forced him to become like that and wants his son not to be like that. He dreams of bright future for his son.

    In the bottom line, we have to accept the fact that being parents we should behave in an ideal way and our children should feel proud of us and should not get belittled for our misdeeds.


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