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    Why the doctrine of double standards will never work in real life

    We have repeatedly seen what it takes to be ethical in life. The lives of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and other great leaders of that generation still inspire us. Unfortunately, we do not have such leaders today.

    However, those who profess something and do something totally opposite will neve be appreciated in life, by the public and even by one's family. We have instances where some great people talk about democratic values but virtually hunt someone who does not fall in line, in the print or electronic media. Such leaders also talk about transparency but will create trusts where they will cleverly ensure that the money received or spent will never ever be known to the public.

    We keep on hearing about such horror stories. Even within our own families, it does pay to be consistent and not have double standards. For example, it is stupid to talk about corruption in the public domain, but quietly abuse official powers to take bribes. Such short-sighted approaches to life will only lead us to disaster.

    The sooner we understand the wider implications of double standards, the better. The least that we all can and should do, is to lead honest lives, pay all our taxes and pray God that He will take care of us.
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    For that matter Indian public are not grown to own the responsibility of being to lead ethics in life. Since we were embroiled and made habituated to the working style of past governments where in kao or khilao was the approach. That means you help me and I would help you. This kind of give and take policy has made the government officials and machinery prone to more corruption and no come back from their position. Having seen deep routed corruption in every sphere, a sincere try has been made in this govt. At least we are not coming across any big corruptions in the present govt and the opposition is unable to bring not a single corruption scams against the central govt and that is big win. And double standards was followed in the previous regimes when they least cared the state govts ruled by opposition parties.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think Mohan Sir is highly biased. The same ruling party supported the created the creation of electoral bonds. It has shamelessly promoted the Ambani and Adani groups -- two big groups that have grown by multiple times in just seven years. Only the Godi media can go on singing praises of the PM, when the record is just pathetic.

    Do you know that there are now lesser poor people in Bangladesh than in India, in the past seven years? Is this an achievement. The same great man should from roof tops against GST, when he was Gujarat CM. Today, he takes away all the money and refuses to even give the States their dues. Please do not say that double standards do not operate now. They do so far more greater than what they did years ago.

    And did they give Rs100 crores to each Congress MLA in Karnataka, to defect, and join their party from bank accounts Sir? Was this all white money Sir?

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    The author must appreciate that either too the election donations were highly black money payments and routed through hawala and we know which party was benefited more. This govt had the guts to create electoral bonds and that has become legal way to offer donations to the party the companies liked. These bonds in various denominations were sold by SBI and does not have the bearer names as alleged by the author. And regarding BJP poaching Congress MLA's with the amount of 100 crores was the allegation made by Kumaraswamy and not proved. And we know Kumaraswamy is not the seasoned politician to believe what ever he says. And regarding GST revenues not shared, the states are collecting fifty percent on each transactions and that amount goes to them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the author that double standards are not good either for individuals or for groups. We should be able to apply the same theory to all uniformly. We should not judge any issue based on who did it? Definitely, in the past, there were many good leaders. But at that tie also there were some bad leaders. Similarly these days also there are some good leaders. May be many bad leaders. There are voters who know whom to vote.
    There is no point in going on telling always bad about the present government. We have many governments earlier which performed much worst than the present government. We have tolerated them and finally, people got vexed defeated them. Again the present government also will get evaluated by the voters and they decide in the coming election.

    always confident

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    Mohan Sir possibly does not know that our great PM and the great FM, who does not even know basics of economics, have consistently refused to give the States, their due of 50 percent only. So, if Mohan Sir goes to a branded restaurant and pays Rs50 as GST, his State, I guess Telengana, should get Rs 25. This has still not been given.

    Our great PM will not declare what he does with his PM Cares Fund. No questions asked. So, let him first be simple and then preach about it. His blatantly communal party has the worst record of economic management. Yet, he will go on blaming everyone else in the world.

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    Today there are a large number of people including some of the influential leaders and some of the people at high positions who are following the double standards in their lives. These people will tell something, speak something but do something else totally different from what they had spoken. In a way they are cheating others to make money and amass wealth.
    There is a story of a dishonest father who used to beat his son because the son took some money from his pockets. During one such beating the son told him that he was earning money by dishonest means and he knew about all those things as heard from the people in the society. The son further said that out of that ill earned money he must give something to him otherwise he would go and complain in police or anti corruption bureau. The father was simply awestruck on listening the threat from his own son.
    If a person is having double standards he will suffer eventually as evident in this short story.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The author is right that there are many people having their double faces pointing out something which is not desirable and acceptable to the society and at the same time, they remain involved earning money through the unfair means. We can see that people adopting such double standards are enjoying their lives merrily having no concern for its ultimate impact on the society. However one thing is sure that their own children are watchful towards their indulgence with their double standards and they, too, follow the same traits later. At the ripe old age, they might be reprimanded for their wrong doings with their own kids. Their peace cannot be regained because of torture being faced from the different corner. Clean image with the observance of ethical practice at least offer us mental peace which cannot be attained by being a double faced man.

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