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    Be a lead violinist- to sync with other participants in every sphere

    If you closely watch the performance of a lead violinist, he not only take care of rendering the proper musical notes and also take the responsibility of bringing other music instruments performers to his fore and thereby flaws cannot be detected by the music followers. Same way we must have the know how, courage and enthusiasm to take everyone all along during the course of our life stint on any sphere. You may call it leadership quality or adjusting with others, but this trait would be highly welcome.
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    I don't agree that the lead violinist can manage in such a way the defects of other instrument performers can't be identified. Normal listeners may not notice. But a person with knowledge of music can easily notice these defects. But if the lead violinist is a very good performer, the small mistakes committed by fellow musicians may not be taken seriously.
    When a team is doing a job and one of them is a multi-tasker, he may be able to complete his job successfully and at the same time, he can see and help other members to correct their mistakes and carry on the work on time. Generally, the job of a leader is to see that all the members of the team are doing their respective jobs properly and the work is going on as planned. If necessary he has to provide support to the people who are slow and not able to come up to the expectations of the team. In a team, if a person is very good, he can't ensure the team's success. All should do their jobs properly as decided and on time. Then only the chances of that team winning will be there.

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    Leaders are not born. leadership is inculcated in real life situation and more one practices it more polished one becomes. The example of lead violinist or to that matter lead piano person or lead harmonium performer is quite interesting as it gives a characteristic activity of the leader.
    A group of people however intelligent and hard working they are, will not be able to give a concrete result in absence of a good leader. A leader knows what is my destination and how to reach there using the available resources whether it is manpower or material or any other input resource. A leader must have a vision, a foresight, a determination to reach the goal. It is obvious that leader cannot do it alone and he requires a team. A good leader knows how to build a team, how to select people for it, how to motivate them, and how to align them for the overall objective of the project under taken at that point of time. Problems will come, hurdles will be there, and also many adverse things could happen but leader will not be affected by anything as he will always be guiding his team even in the most severe business and economic storm in this world and will try to be a winner.
    Leader will watch the performance of each and every member of the group and if a member makes even a small mistake or error the leader will correct it at his own level and steer the path of progress in the correct direction.

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    When a lead violinist create some wonderful sounds, the attention goes to him and not other instruments.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A violinist can perform wonder only when he is deeply immersed in his profession but for that he must be dedicated enough in his profession without any distractions. If we see closely the activities of lead violinist or a lead harmonium performer, we can see that he takes note of the entire group and he would certainly try to cover up the drawback of others. In such an operation, he would not have the opinion that it is not his job and so he must remain free from worries. A good leader never thinks of his activities but would immerse himself for the improvement of the entire group. If the entire group has shown their commendable performance, he would be happy. He would readily correct the mistakes of others so that the performance of the group would appear to be outstanding ultimately.

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    The attention of an ordinary listener may go that side but a musician who is sitting in the audience will definitely notice. He may ignore it but can't escape from his ears. This is what my experience says.
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    Team building and coordination is more important in any team event. In such Orchestras, I have observed many times that the musician with Flute dominates the team and he gets attention. Whatever it may be, the theme of the thread and the intention of the author should be taken in right perspective. We have to work together and get along with all the people and the cohesiveness should be achieved with proper coordination.

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