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    The difference between the underdogs and favourites

    We come across different people across many platforms and even meet them personally. On the very first meeting, we cannot estimate the real skill, talent and superiority of the person in their field and we simply believe through their credentials recommended by others. Till then we treat them underdogs and keep them in abeyance. On the other hand the favourites are those who have been given chance and tested in the past regarding their profess and proved to be of of our kind and liking. But a underdog can also become favourite to our list, any comment ?
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    At the outset, when we don't know a person and his skills, we should not treat him as an underdog. A person can be called an underdog or favourite only when we have the knowledge and experience of the individual.
    When a tournament is starting and there are many teams participating in it, the pandits of that game will decide what is the favourite team with higher chances of winning the tournament and similarly, they will call some teams again based on their performance and past record as underdogs.
    But treating all teams which are participating for the first time in the team as underdogs is not a correct way, I feel. Again we have to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the teams based on their performances in the other tournaments and then decide which team is the underdog.

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    Normally it happens in cricket when the opposite team is considered underdog and they perform superlatively well.
    K Mohan
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    Many surprising instances have been noticed when a sportsman incapable of proving his mettle ,suddenly outshone other expert players who were 100 percent expected to be on top. The reason for such a thing happening is that the person would have had a strong determination to come to the lime light after having repeatedly treated as so called underdog. The fire in the belly to make others notice him is definitely the reason . The success would not have happened overnight.

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    A known enemy is better than a unknown friend. Our assessments are based on our knowledge of a person or a team or a group or even a sect and based on that we keep them under different categories like underdog or favourite or any other such terms which are coined to represent the assessment of something.
    Of course this assessment will vary from person to person depending on his knowledge, attitude, understanding, and approach towards that. Wild guessing and speculation will not help in these matters. Conjecturing is equally not effective. In essence, until we assess something in totality we can't conclude about its status in anyway.

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    I came across this word for the first time when the hot 'Favourite' West Indies was trounced by India in the 1983 Prudential World Cup. India itself never expected that it would win a World Cup and entered the fray as an 'Under Dog'.

    In simple logic the difference between a favourite and an under dog is nothing but 'Expectation vs Reality'.


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    If favourites become under dog and that would be more disturbing for those who have been towing them.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    How the favorites can become underdogs? Underdog is a term usually used in sports, games, or competitive events. A favorite in an event can never be an underdog in that event. Correct me if I am wrong.
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