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    We should all live for everyone in the society

    Mutual cooperation and sympathy are the basis of the social bonds of the human race. In this way, man gets the joy of life, achieves the success of life. The reason for the superiority of man over the animal kingdom is that man is not only busy with himself. Social life guarantees to make the life of an individual safe, secure, accessible, and prospect-oriented. Some people do not remember the fact that society ensures the security, peace and order, happiness, and prosperity of the people and extends a helping hand in times of danger. Their selfish attitude is against the interest of society. Life is not only successful if one can do something for society, but then life is smoothed with the boundless joy of self-sacrifice also. What is your thinking?
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    A human being is a social animal. When we are in society we have to respect other persons in society. Then only we will get respect from others. A person may be very rich, very strong and very intelligent. But without support from others leading life is very difficult. We all know that persons in a society should supplement each other. We all think that leaders help us. But without our support leaders can't survive.
    All of us should learn to help society and do the required help to the needy. Always expecting something from others is not correct. We should help others and we should never be selfish.
    We come here alone and go back alone. We have these relationships as long as we live. If we do some good deeds during our life, people will remember us even after our death also. We struggle, earn and give it to our children. What they do with that is not known after our demise. If we help somebody when we are alive, if they are progressing we feel happy that we did a good job.

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    When we are born, we are born for the purpose to the family we belong, to the society we belong, and to the nation we belong. By the way the family, society and country is not the soil but the inclusive presence of varied people of different walks of life and the united effort put by them would form a great society. Those who does not care the society and works for the selfish motive may have the temporary relief and feel likes he was not disturbed, but when the same person is confronted with problems and disease, the people would not care him. And society is not asking you to do formidable things which are out of your control. What ever be the little reach out in any form is welcome and the society remembers for even small gesture done in the midst of all wrong thoughts of a person. So we have to live for all.
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    Somehow many started to think that they can live a good life without the help of others and that has created problems. Though every individual is different the concept of society was to stay together and cooperate with each other to serve a common purpose. Think of the primitive age when people used to hunt animals for food. Big animals are stronger than a single human being and for that reason, people used to form a group to hunt animals and share the meat. This cooperation helped people to grow and is true in every aspect. We have to cooperate with each other as life will be quite difficult if there is no cooperation from anyone.

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    Human beings are social animals. They cannot survive without a society. Everyone has a role inside the social structure and everyone has to obey the rules of that particular society. Every member within the framework of that society has to help others and also take help from others. When everyone follows that unwritten rule then the society will progress and it will develop ahead in a normal course.
    Unfortunately, there are some black sheeps in the society who do not follow the rules of a particular society and through their clever methods exploit others and cheat others. This creates an aberration in the society and many people including the society suffer.
    Society being a weak entity cannot punish these defaulters and looks towards law and order agencies to get rid of these people but that also does not work most of the times because of the obvious reasons of poor governance and corruption and finally society suffers.

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