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    What is the value of happiness without sorrow?

    Happiness gained through hardship is remains long-lasting. Our life is about good-evil, happiness-sorrow, victory-defeat, etc. One acts as a complement to the other. The existence of happiness in life disappears when sorrow is entered. Happiness can be enjoyed in life only through sorrow. And those who are afraid of sorrow, suffering, fatigue, easily fall from the path of success. Without sorrow, the gained happiness has no value. So people have to move forward by accepting all the adversities. Only then will the acquired happiness be truly enjoyable. Your comments, please.
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    The author is absolutely correct that happiness cannot be achieved unless we have passed the wave of sorrows. This has been personally felt by me in my service life when my wife parted with me for some time to visit our daughter in Indore. Starting phase of cooking food at the initial stage did not appear for me bad but doing the same on regular basis did not make me happy at all. This phase continued for around four months but once she returned back, I felt the happiness of her association apart from my break from a strenuous situation.

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    The value of happiness without undergoing the sorrow mode the life experience seems to be zero. If you fold your fist, the humps that is seen on the upper part signifies that there is a good and bad period embraces us alternatively and when we are happy at the first instance, be ready to face the sorrow time the very next. Elders used to say that problems are not permanent and they would change during the course of time. Even the bitter life moment would vanish soon as one gets into enjoying mode of life. Through adversities, we learn the path of life and becomes more refined. For example the Covid situation has taught a bitter lesson that we should save for future and none would come forward for the help. How people has managed the situation speaks volume that sorrow has the power of winning life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When we toss a coin and throw it then sometimes we get heads and sometimes we get tails. In a similar way happiness and sorrow appear in our lives time to time. Life is a long journey and full of adventure. The vicissitude of life are not known before hand and unfolding of future events is always full of suspense and mystery. In our scriptures it is very well said that do your work properly with concentration and focus but don't bother for the results because results are not in your hands. After the cloudy rainy season the sunshine comes. It happens year to year basis on a continuous way and we don't have any control on that.
    Happiness and sorrows will come across our lives during the journey of life and we cannot appreciate or depreciate them in absence of the other.

    Knowledge is power.

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    All have their own values. Happiness and sadness are different states of mind which are complementary and mostly dependent on external factors. Now the interesting thing is if external factors do not determine our sadness or happiness would we remain happy always or sad? Accepting the realities is the best way as we cannot change what has already happened, we also do not know what is going to happen. So, keeping our emotions under control without being bothered too much may be a good option.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    A person who has seen both darkness and brightness can appreciate the qualities of brightness. When you experience difficulties only you will understand the value of happiness. When you faced sorrowful moments only you will know the value of happy moments.
    When we suffer from ill health and recover only we will know the importance of health. In the same way, we will understand the importance of money when we struggled for some time without money. The value of education will be known better to the uneducated only.
    Our life is a mix of all the experiences. Some experiences are very good and some are very bad. We will experience happiness as well as sorrowfulness based on the incidents that are happening in our lives. We eat different foods of different tastes. We enjoy the sweetness only after tasting the bitterness. God has given us varieties of feelings and we have to enjoy all to have a fruitful life.

    always confident

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