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    Judge a person when you can't do anything for him!

    It happens to everyone, whether a politician or a successful business man or a Civil Servant or a leading film actor. When they are in power or on 'hot seat' or leading the industry, things would be different, people would be flocking around or even he may not be in a position to attend to the real fans. It's all because the power and stature he holds but things may be not always the same as life is full of ups and downs.

    Now, it's his turn to judge the people when he can't do anything for them. He can be able to count the numbers or may be surprised to see none around him!
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    The author has put up an interesting post depicting the harsh realities of our lives.
    When a person is having an influential position then many people approach him for some work or some help or even some out of the way favour also in many cases and he may oblige them or not depending on his relationship with them and also the indirect benefit to him from them as follower or voter or simply friendship.
    During the vicissitude of the life it may so happen that the influential person might lose his position and become a common person and then he will realise who his true friends were and who are those who are still ready to have a friendly or helping relation with him.
    This change in the circumstances gives him an opportunity to litmus test the reality of the people who flocked around him earlier. Now he can easily judge each and every individual and his worth.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That is true. There is a poem in Telugu that means when there is water many frogs will be in the well. The moment the well got dries, we will not see even a single frog there. Similarly, when you have money or power, you will have many friends and relatives. But when there is no money and power you are alone. Sometimes even your family members may ignore you.
    If you are in power, people come searching for you and be with you to get their work done. But the moment they know that you can't do anything, nobody will care for you. Some may even go to the extent of talking against you also. Even people who received your help may also ignore you. Then only we will understand the true nature of the person. All the people will b every good obedient when you are in a commanding position. They like you because of the position only.

    always confident

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    Yes, the reality has been described in a good way here. People flock around others having power and position because most of the time they expect something in return. When they realize that their expectations will not be fulfilled they start to leave. Maybe the hunger for wealth and power is inherited by many because of which such things are experienced. I am sure the person experiencing such situations will not feel happy. The same thing may be applicable in some families too where the head of the family is somehow neglected after retirement because the person is no more capable of meeting the needs of individuals. So, it may be a good option not to judge people because it can only make a person sad and demoralised.

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    This world is greedy, selfish and above all wants things to be done on a most huff manner and therefore there is no time for the people to flock on to those who are no more in power. In this regard I wish to share the real happening during the tenure of Marri Channa Reddy as the CM of united AP then. When he was not in power and who ever attended to him and spent time with him was well remembered and called them for a formidable post or position from his side after coming to power. So what I mean to say here that there are some people who remember the contributions of those who helped in the dire need and it is the time for them to pay back. And always never expect a favor or help from those who already done some bit of reach out to us in the past and we expecting more is something not warranted.
    K Mohan
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