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    Was the Australian government right to ban Djokovic from competing Aussies Open Tennis?

    Novak Djokovic is to be blamed for himself for getting dragged into a controversy that led him denial in participation of the Australian Open Tennis Tournment. It was stated that he was not vaccinated and demanded special treatment but it's just the law applied to everyone. The Government says it would be sending the wrong message to their citizens and all the other visitors that were denied entry for being unvaccinated, had he been allowed to participate in the tournament. Just like in tennis, rules are meant to be followed, vaccine mandates before entry needs to be followed.

    What do you say?
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    The rule is a rule for all. If vaccination is mandatory everyone should follow it. None should ask for an exemption. He may be a very good player. The other people may see him as a hero or as a different person. But for COVID all are the same. Even the President of the country should also get his vaccination done and show the certificate when asked for it. So I feel that the Australian government did the correct thing by banning Djokovic from competing in Aussies Open Tennis.
    It is foolish to ask for special treatment. Is it that he will not have the chance of getting attacked by COVID and how does he know whether he is carrying corona with him or not.

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    Nothing wrong on the part of Australian govt for denying the player Novak from participating in the Aussies Open Tennis and this once again proved that no body is above all and everyone must work and be under the ambit of law. When the third wave is questioning the very survival of the world, the appropriate behavior from the iconic people should set the trend for others to follow. If a person is not vaccinated, then he has no right to mingle and move in the public and not only Australia, Novak must be banned elsewhere he has slated to play the games. This ban should send the right warning to all those VIP's that law is for everyone to follow and there is no exceptions or any special consideration. His fans must prevail on him and make him agree to go for vaccine immediately so that he can play in future.
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    The scientists, researchers, and pharmaceutical persons around the world did their best to find out the vaccines in the shortest time possible during the coronavirus pandemic. Based on the clinical trials of the vaccine it was told that they are effective to the extent like 70-80% and would safeguard the people against the coronavirus.
    Some people did not believe in those claims and told that they would not go for the vaccine.
    Most of the world governments accepted the scientific work and believed that these vaccines are the only way to safeguard the humanity at that particular juncture. It was also very true that better vaccines would be invented with time but we can't wait till then. To safeguard the health of people at large government made a rule that everyone will have to get vaccinated. If someone is not following that then he is doing a crime in the eyes of the Government and law making bodies and he would be punished as per the provisions of that particular law.
    From this simplistic view the decision of Australian Govt is very logical.

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    I don't think it's a wrong decision on the part of the Australian government. When there is a rule that no one is allowed to enter the country without being fully vaccinated then Djokovic is not different.

    The government took the right decision otherwise many VIPs will violate the rule, this is the perfect example for those who think they will roam freely without being vaccinated. People should get alert because in the future it may happen that the people who are not fully vaccinated will not be allowed to enter the local places too. It's better to get vaccinated and not to risk their and others' lives because of the coronavirus. Hope people will understand and go for the vaccination soon.


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    Yes, the government in Australia has done the right thing by not allowing Djokovic to participate in the Australian Open. Stars and popular personalities are roped in to make people aware to follow the appropriate behaviour during this situation but in the case of Djokovic, it is just the opposite. It shows the adamancy of the player by not caring for the others. The rule for every participant has to be the same otherwise, we cannot call it a rule.

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    I agree with the decision of the Australian government. The world is continuously fighting with the COVID. We must follow the guidelines by WHO and local government. If we are traveling to another country, we must take all the rules into the consideration. The scientists and doctors are tirelessly fighting with the COVID and we must appreciate their roles by taking vaccines. Being the No. 1 player in the world in Tennis, Jokovic should not set a bad example of not dealing with the rules of the Australian government. He must set ego aside and act decently with local government. The whole world is watching him and he should deal with this issue sensitively rather than fighting with the government. No player is bigger than sports and any country.
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