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    Smoking or Drinking, which is more harmful?

    We all know that smoking and drinking are not good for our health. Sometimes out of curiosity some may ask which is more harmful? Both are not good for health. The more it is consumed. the more impact it will leave.

    Alcohol consumption may cause many serious health problems. It may cause around 60 major types of diseases. Approximately 2.5 million deaths every year are reported in the media. This figure is higher than the deaths due to HIV or tuberculosis.

    The chemicals that are in tobacco may stimulate addiction. That will make people smoke more and more. Even one cigarette may harm the respiratory system. Around six million people die every year due to smoke inhalation. The smokers alone are not getting problems but the person around them also will be in problems due to inhalation.

    Drinking may spoil the health of the drinker only but smoking may spoil the health of the smoker as well as his neighbours also. So I feel smoking is more harmful. What is your view?
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    Both are injurious to health and the death is being invited by indulging in smoking and drinking. By smoking the people are not only putting their health to risk but also putting others health to risk because passive smokers are more injurious. Smokers kills themselves and affect other people also to large extent. While the drinking is the subject matter of concerned person, but it is the slow poison being injected into the body and the death would be for and only time matters. In spite of warnings and advices not to smoke and drink, these two bad habits are the money making ways for the govt and though heavy taxes are being levied, the stoppage or non supply of the same cannot be done for obvious reasons. A smoker and a drinker would not stay alive for long and totally discarded by the family members when disease takes place.
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    Smoking and drinking both are addictive in nature. Unfortunately, these are the two most common things that people generally enjoy with their friends. I have seen many rich people offering free cigarettes and drinks for the sake of company only.
    Smoking has taken a very dirty turn as some people have started taking drugs inside it. That is now making smoking the worst thing in ones life.
    Drinking has its own inherent threats. The local spirit mixed with so many hazardous chemicals is creating a lot of damage to the health of lower strata of the people.
    People generally opine that a small amount of good quality drink taken once a week is good for health but the problem is that few people will have a control Ike that on themselves and when their friends insist for a drink party they easily agree and then forget the 'once a week' doctrine.
    It is difficult to answer as which one of them is less harmful for our health but when the question comes whom should we avoid the imp or the devil then the answer is that it is better to be away from both.

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    The last paragraph of this thread contains an interesting view as the author opined that smoking is more harmful because the health of passive smokers is also affected. I do agree but both have labels indicating they are not good for our health. Addiction to anything is psychological but at the same time, alcohol and tobacco are not completely banned. This is because they generate revenues and at the same time they help people to socialize to some extent. In many locations, there is a prevalence of serving alcoholic drinks to the guests in social functions though I have not heard any such thing in terms of smoking. I think we have to depend on some statistics to know which impacts badly on people's health.

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    As smoking and drinking cause health hazards both should not be practiced in excess. Smoking affects the smoker as well as the person who is exposed to the smoke. In some families, when one of the family members constantly smokes in the place where others also give company,it affects those members also. However,the choice of drinking depends on the person.

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    Both are inter connected. Both are somewhat contagious through surrounding people or friends. With the confidence in ourselves only we can overcome both. Very fortunately we all in our family, including our in laws, have not have both the habit.

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