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    Priyanka Gandhi want to contest UP elections, but not sure as CM face !

    The Congress has really lost the sway over the voters and the way the leaders cast apprehensions during the run up to the big elections in UP , makes it very clear that the Congress confused mind would only make the opposition to win. If Priyanka Gandhi want to contest election, obviously none would have the guts to say no to her if she wants to become CM of the state. But the dream is too far fetching as Congress does not have the base and reason to win there against other big players at the hustings. So even before contesting, Congress seems to be losing in the minds of UP voters.
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    Congress party is going through a tough time. There is a problem of leadership, there is a problem of direction, and there is a problem of acceptance by the common public. Under such a situation any leader of Congress will make statements cautiously and with an alert tone. The Congress party very well knows that there is a wave of nationalistic and development movement going in the country and the whole world is admiring the process of reforms going at the present juncture. The ruling regime has done certain things and taken certain measures which has has been instrumental in enlarging its voter base.
    Naturally in such a situation the Congress leaders will talk in a humble and polite way so that they can project that they are not bothered for the position as they want to serve the country if given a chance at the present juncture. Let us see what the voters of this country finally decide and that will be only known after the elections.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The party which was the strongest and which ruled the country for many years is now in very bad shape. This is mainly due to the selfish and directionless attitude of the important leaders in the party. They are still in search of a leader to lead the party.
    Sonia Gandhi is taking care of the party and Rahul Gandhi is supporting her. Now Priyanka is also brought into the field. But they are not able to lead the party in a proper direction and see that they will be on the winning path. I don't expect anything different in the coming UP elections also.
    Many people criticise the present CM of the state but there are many who are followers of the CM and his party. The chances for him are increasing.
    feel sorry for the party which was in supreme position for years together is in such bad shape. Hope it will get its past glory in the coming seeds.

    always confident

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