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    Have you got any personal experience of village life?

    Village life is totally different from the life in the metro or big cities. Though nowadays many villages are connected with roads and are having all the modern facilities still the culture of village life is different from the life in the town.
    During my childhood I had lived in a village for a few years and then regularly visited there for 10-15 days every 6 months till I left the place for my higher studies. During that time I learnt a great deal about the way village people live and get their things done. Of course that time facilities were not there and we had to manage with the old prevailing systems.
    Have you ever lived in a village for a quite good time? Can you share your experiences of village life? Given a choice will you like to live in a village again?
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    My native place is a village, my father came to the city many years back and settled here. I and my siblings were born in the city. We still have land in the village which is taken care of by my father.

    I remember in our childhood I and my elder brother uses to live in the village for 15 days a year and that we were the golden days. We used to climb the trees and pluck jamuns near our home and used to take bath in the tube well. There were lots of things which we used to do in the village which we never could do in the city.

    Nowadays I rarely get time to visit my village. But I wish I could live in the village.


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    For that matter the villages are more updated than the past and we can get any sort of facilities that are needed and required. I had been to a village in deep Tamil Nadu, of course it is amidst a great temple to which many would flock the place. The activities start at 3 am itself when the people would be cleaning the forecourts with cow dung and then putting colorful Rangoli as the road would be used by devotees going to the temple and during the day the deity would taken around through all the four mada veedhis or streets. The villagers look strangefully on seeing a unknown person and they inquire about to whom we have visited. And they extend all kinds of help in knowing the people and place and the total area is pollution free with very less population, no hectic way of people shouting and thus life was very good.
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    My native place is a village. I lived in that village till I complete my graduation. Later on, I shifted to the city for further studies and employment. But every year I go to the village and spend some time there. Even now also on average, I live there for at least one month.
    As of now, I am not finding much difference between the city and village. Internet, smartphones and theatres are available in the villages also. I stayed during the lockdown in the village only. I used to get all the items to my house by conveying the requirements on phone to the seller. General items, vegetables, fruits and medicines. All these items were sent home and we were paying through google pay. We used to get all channels through Tata sky.
    In my school days, there were no facilities anywhere even in cities also. The only difference between villages and cities is the mentality of the people. In villages, people care for each other. But in cities, we never know who is there in the next house and the interaction is very less.

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    My uncle used to live in a house at a Agraharam near Madhurai. Once,I went to their house during vacation. There was big farm around one kilo meter away. We used to go there by walk enjoying the greenery and inhaling the pure air. The pristine atmosphere made us more energetic. When would go to the field,we would drink tender coconut,play with the water with the pipe meant for watering the field and play out door games.
    I remember one a wedding was held in one of the houses. All the neighbours were invited . Although I did not know them my aunt and cousins made me attend the wedding and have food. The innocence and the helping nature of the villages is praiseworthy.

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    Our both aunties,mothers sisters, were in village only. We used to go there whenever school/ college leave available. Really it was enjoyable days. Though there was no TV, radio, cinema hall in that village it was quite happy days. In my mother's elder sister village there was no electric connection. So we all finished our dinner in the early hours of night through the hands of aunt, we spent our time with village children for one hour and gone to bed by even by 8 pm. Early morning our uncle drive us to the nearby pond for bathing after morning Coffee. After bath we all visit to the temples at the both ends of our street. Then breakfast of previous day rice soaked in water but mixed with curd, here the cur was not an ordinary one as we made it from the milk of our own house cows.
    When I was in college, I went to that village for my sister's marriage to assist them. I got a chance to drive bullack cart with the help of our cartman.

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    My native place Lapaliya is a village in Palitana Taluka of Bhavnagar district of Gujarat. A village is a place where one can get all kinds of basic needs in the purest form. No pollution, no mixing. Though there are fewer facilities in the village, farming is enough to survive and get long life in a village. One can get a very peaceful and balanced life. No fast life as in case of living in a city where people has lost their human nature and are part of the competition. In a village people know their neighbors, they share their life but in the city, even a person next door is unknown to most of us. To live the life fullest, one has to spend few weeks in village where one can be a part of nature. It's a wonderful experience.
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    Yes. My childhood up to my ninth year was spent in a small village with my maternal grandparents.. Our house was a thatched one with mud walls coloured by white lime . The roofing was by paddy straws. The supports were of bamboo woods. The compound fencing was of bamboo thorns.

    We had a well and had to draw water by pulley and rope system. But we took bath in a river stream about half a kilometer away. The nearest small town was about four kilometers away. There was not even a primary health centre. The Panchayat Office was about three kilometers away. There were just two buses plying by the village then. One was to the nearest Railway station about thirty kilometers away and the other was to the district headquarter town about forty five kilometers away. Both were staring from the nearest town and passing via our village.
    So mostly we were commuting by walking for everything needed, even to the nearest town too. Luckily there was a high school and a middle school. I studied up to my fourth standard in the middle school. Then I moved to a Municipal town about twenty kilometers away, to stay with my parents.
    I used to visit the village off and on till my grandfather was alive .( **)

    After growing up, I had visited some villages in Maharashtra where I was employed in my first job. Later on, Afterwards, I got some very firsthand and clear experience about village life as I had spent about three to four years in a Tamil Nadu village and visited many villages in and around in connection with my job posting there. Later also as per my job assignments, I had visited various villages in TN and Kerala too.

    (**) Note: Two years back I re-visited my childhood village. Though a lot of changes have happened mainly by addition of personal and public vehicles, posh houses and a few more shops, it is almost same by real 'development'. Actually the paddy fields had almost vanished. Temple festivals are not there and people on road is very less. Everyone is occupied inside their homes with TV and mobile. I heard the high school is going to be shut due to lack of students, as many new private schools have come in nearby places with school bus facilities too.

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    My village is in the foothills of the Kumaun Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. Although I have lived my whole life in the city we have our ancestral home in the Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand in a place called Devalthal.
    And during our school and college vacation, I used to visit my village where my grandmother lives now my youngest Uncle too. My Grandfather worked in Agra but My grandmother lived in the village and my father and uncles grew up there too. So we are not completely disconnected from our village. My grandmother still prefers village life over city life and do not want to live in the city despite much convincing so we keep visiting her. And my youngest uncle decided to live there and manage our ancestral home and his small business from there only.
    Himalayan villages are completely different from the villages seen in the plain areas. The houses are not in clusters there but spread over at different places. It is a rare occasion to see more than 5-6 houses together but all the people get together in any kind of functions and festivals. Whenever I visited the village I used to keep tailing my grandmother wherever she went and tried to help her out in whatever she did. As a child, I was fascinated by the terrace farming in the village, fruits grown there, and cattle. Shops in the villages too were scattered and whenever we got any money from our grandparents we tried to convince them to let us to the shops but they were far away, so on rare occasions, they used to take us with them. In the Himalayan village, the fear of leopards is always there so children are constantly made careful about them.

    Now I rarely visit my village but whenever I see anything similar it brings nostalgia. The simplicity and the way the people live there is simply amazing but nowadays even villages are not untouched by the city life. And you can find everything there and children getting influenced by social media without understanding all the nuances of it and leading a fake life.

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