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    It is high time we focus on economic distress

    The seven years of Modi administration is a fabulous economic diaster. Year on year, quarter on quarter, the GDP growth has slowed down. Crony capitalism, with massive tilt towards the Ambani and Adani families has been seen. Their network has simply multiplied even during the Covid period.

    We need to now focus on the basics. Unless we do something more urgent to address the economic problems of the vast majority of population, nothing can indeed happen. We have too many economic models, but the Bing Bang approach that goes hand in hand with the trickle down approach does not work at all. For example, the same economic model has forced millions of Hindiwallahs, all of them illiterate and non-matriculates, who know nothing except their Hindi language, to work in miserable conditions in all sorts of unorganised sector jobs in South India. This is because of the pathetic record of education at all levels.

    However, a State like Kerala or Tamil Nadu, where education has been widespread, has produced vast multitudes of several hundreds of thousands of people who are gainfully employed and have contributed to the economic status of their States. Unfortunately, in many backward States like UP have concentrated on building modern airports instead of spending on health or education or agriculture.

    It is high time we give some importance to economic issues and take our State forward.
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    Sorry. Take our country forward.

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    There are many reasons why the economic conditions in India have deteriorated and government has a herculean task of bringing it back to the normalcy. Due to privatisation there is a steep decrease in the government jobs which was a good source of earning for many people in the earlier times. In the self employment sector there are opportunities but customers are less and demand is less then the supply that people are offering of the same products with some different packaging. In a nutshell the situation is quite pathetic and miserable.
    Some big business houses will definitely be benefited in this environment because of the consolidation of their operations and working with less margins but more volume of the business. In the process they will eat the small operators and small businessmen who will not be able to survive in the cut throat competition in the world.
    What the Govt, whether state or centre, does cleverly in such situations is give free ration to the poor so that they are satisfied to some extent and do not create problem for the regime.
    There is widespread corruption in public places and there are some elements which are making money by siphoning out the public funds. Till these dishonest but intelligent and clever people are there it is very difficult to think of economic development in this country for the benefit of the common masses.
    Today whatever good we are seeing around is only due to a handful of honest and sincere people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Time and again the author has been raking same subject, same allegations, bringing all matter in one write up, blames particular industrialists who are benefited and the ISC editors wont mind for repeated posts. The govt is being run by noted bureaucrats and officers and they are posted of what is happening and India has been fast moving than expected. All sectors and departments are now bracing up to stand tall and making all kinds of feel good factor to have the people in the fray. When the people are not voicing anything against this govt, that proves, they could able to eke out living and keep going. And coming to point of educated lots from Kerala and Tamil Nadu working in powerful position only speaks about the volume of understanding and succeeding to the situation to which we should feel happy.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For the last two years, we are facing a big problem in the forum of COVID and many people are suffering from health problems and at the same time economically also. The governments are trying to help the needy in all possible ways. But due to the defects in the system and the dishonest practices in the system, I don't what percentage is reaching the needy. Even against the odds, the government is trying to see that the financial condition will improve.
    Not only our country but also many other countries in the world are facing a similar problem. Always blaming the PM or other ministers if of no use. If really there are ways and means even the opposition parties can also come forward to suggest better ways to the government.
    If really, the government is not doing well, voters will see that they will be out of power. A party that ruled the country for many years has been rejected by the voters consecutively for two years. So, they know better whom to vote for. Let us be patient enough and wait for the elections to come so that we can see the verdict of the people again.

    always confident

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    Though the government is sincere to help the deprived classes with number of reliefs including food relief and other measures to provide some comforts, the same is not recognised by the general public because of some flaws of the system. The entire package envisaged for them does not translate into their reliefs because of inherent flaws in the distribution system. Once Late Rajiv Gandhi - once the prime minister of the country declared in the public that due to corruption of the system, only 10% of the measures meant for the relief for the common people reaches out to them despite the best governmental support. Hence blaming the government under the current situation will not help the public. If there exists a flaw of the system, opposition should come forward with constructive criticism for the betterment of the schemes.

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    The economic distress started with demonetisation. Some people may say that the pandemic caused economic distress but the fact remains that the economic slip down started even before the pandemic. As long as the government does not accept its failure, the path to recovery remains difficult. We have seen how the unthoughtful announcement of lockdown with few hours remaining caused distress to the migrant labour. The tales of misery they had undergone are mainly due to the sudden announcement without thinking about the consequences.
    The gap between the rich and poor in India is increasing. This is not good for the country.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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