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    What happens when the situation being negative and we being positive?

    When it has become the habit and must for us to live within the ambit of negative situations, and we being positive is the great trait and that would have more self confidence also. For the person who is more worried about negativity he faces thorns and injures him very much , whereas those who see a positiveness in every way of life would be ensuring whole lots of fragrance around him and that would be flowers of great welcome to life. Searching peace even in the troubled time is what we should learn now otherwise the life would be more challenging.
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    Being positive is a great trait and very few people possess it. But it is not so easy to be a positive person. A lot of endurance, understanding, patience, and knowledge is required to become a positive person. When we do something in our life or undertake a project or do a task then many times it so happens that we meet with failure. That demotivates and discourage us to do anything and a depressive mindset starts to permeate through our body. If we can tolerate and mitigate that depressive feeling and face that setback in the normal way then we may be successful in seeing that thing with a positive mind and positive attitude. The problem comes when failures repeat and we start cursing our fate and start telling that we are being ill treated by God or nature or destiny or whatever it is there which can be made responsible for our failures. In such a situation keeping a balance and positive mind is very difficult. There are people who can even manage in such extreme adverse situations and they are the truly positive ones.
    Knowledge is power.

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    It is necessary we should be more positive during negative situations. Then only we can improve our skills and knowledge and see victory in the next attempts. When we fail in a task, the situation around us will be negative only. All people around us will be thinking low about us. We will also get confused as we don't where the mistake happened. At such times we should be positive and we should say to ourselves, let us have another try and understand the mistakes we have committed in our earlier attempt. Then we can rectify those mistakes and try again and we will be successful. Instead of that if we think that everything is over and we can't do anything, that is the end of our progress.
    Being positive when everything is going on as desired is not a big issue but being positive when the situation is negative is very difficult and only people with a lot of mental strength can only do that. We should not lose our heart in any situation and we should try our maximum to win the battle.

    always confident

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    Only such people can survive all situations.

    To be frank the human society now is facing a very negative situation. but still we are all positive minded.. We had ben battling so many odds for the last almost two years. It is only our positivity that stood us through this till day.

    It is only the positivity of the scientists, virologists, doctors, medical fraternity and the common people that has seen us today far btter and comfortable than what we were in.

    Let the positivity thrive in us always.

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    You should be hopeful always in spite of all odds. This positive attitude would make you strong in such situations but people around you may tend to be negative and make you more worried. We should not blame them because somebody should warn you about the the other side of the coin. Thus, this would help you to work out what to be done in case of upside down, even though you are hopeful of a positive result.

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