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    The free instant tool at ISC to learn meanings and even pronunciation

    I don't know why I have not discovered this earlier. Perhaps some of you may have noticed and used the feature to help understand the meaning of a word without recourse to consulting an online dictionary. Did you know that you can even listen to the text that is read aloud to know how to pronounce a word?

    Here's what I am referring to: select any word in this text. On doing so, immediately you will see three vertical dots. Point the cursor to it (do not tap/click on it) and you will see some options, namely-
    1. On tapping on 'Define' you will know whether the word is a noun, adjective, adverb, etc, and the meaning of the word. In that also, you will see the speaker icon and on clicking on that, how to pronounce the word.
    2. When you choose 'Search' a side pane will open on the right side, once again explaining the meaning and providing some related notes.
    3. On choosing 'More actions' you will see further options. One of these is 'Read aloud from here'. So then you will hear the text read aloud from that point on. I used this in a forum thread, and it not only read aloud the main text of the thread, but even the response number, the name of the person who responded, the words 'points', 'edit', and so on.
    4. Even more fascinating was choosing 'Open selection in immersive reader'. This will lead you to a large screen of reader mode, with the options of Read aloud, Text preferences (you can choose a larger font for example), Grammarly tools, and Reading preferences (I won't tell you what shows there, see for yourself!).

    Perhaps this is part of the Grammarly Tool feature that the Webmasters have provided for us here. How many of you have been aware of this and actually used it to improve your English writing and verbal skills?

    Even after over a dozen years, I am on a learning trail, not only picking up knowledge from content but also discovering new things!

    (Note that I use Edge browser, so don't know if it works in other browsers as well and if it is accessible on the smartphone).
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    I am using Chrome browser in my mobile device. I am not finding this feature in this setup. Maybe it is browser dependent. Later I would try some other browser in my laptop or some other mobile device.
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    On my laptop also I am not finding this feature. I am also using the Google Chrome browser. Probably it may work on Edge browser. I have to use and see. In the chrome browser, if we select any word and right-click a list will get displayed. In that, we have a spell check option and inspect option but the options mentioned in the thread are there. It may not be a facility provided by Grammarly and I think it is a facility in Edge browser. Just now I have opened in Edge browser and tried and as mentioned by the author three dots are appearing. The options mentioned by the author are appearing. Thanks to the author for the information. We understood a new concept that is provided in the Edge browser.
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    While doing most of my work from mobile, I don't find these options but I always find the option as "web search" which I use mostly when I come across a word that I may not be knowing.

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    Sorry madam I am using the desk top and Google chrome, I am not finding the tools as suggested by you. That seems to be interesting if everyone gets access to it.
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    I am using desktop and Chrome browser. As such I do not se any such options. It may be due to use of some extensions in your browser or some other software.

    PS: On a preliminary search in the net, I understand it may be because of the 'Google Dictionary" extension which yo have added to your browser.
    Latest: Yes, it is because of the Google Dictionary extension. I checked and found.

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