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    How to differentiate between ' a fair weather friend' and a true fried.

    Friends are considered to be very close humans who help people when needed and stay with each other during hard times. The fair weather friends are those who suddenly let you down when you need their help very badly. For example,when one of my relatives wanted her friend to help her take care of her children when she was hospitalized,she made some excuses instead of refusing on the face. The true nature of the friendship was revealed at that moment.
    My own friend of mine for more than a decade sacked her house help two years back when she came to know that my husband and I were Covid positive. I was shocked initially and thanked God to have made me realise the status of friendship with her.
    Have you had such friends ,good ones or selfish friends?
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    When you are in a good position and you have money and power, many will be your friends. Many will be around you always. But when you have no money or power only true friends will be with you. We will know our real friends only when we are in difficulties.
    COVID second wave was very severe last year. During that time my son received a phone call saying that one of his old friends met with an accident and was to be hospitalised immediately. His parents were away. Immediately he went in his car with another friend and admitted that friend to the hospital and even paid the money using his credit card. Later after becoming normal he and his parents came to our house and expressed their happiness and thanked my son.
    We will have many friends in our life and we will be forgetting our old friends and we will be making new friends. But some of our high school or college friends will be in contact and they will definitely come to help us when we are in need. They are real friends.

    always confident

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    You have to really 'experience' the difference when the weather changes from fair to unfair. God forbid!

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    It is understood when the need arises. There is a good old proverb "A friend in need is a friend indeed" and it sums up whom you may call a real friend. Experience teaches us many things and based on that we decide our actions. A real friend is the one with whom the connection remains all the time irrespective of the situation. It's a bond that develops with time and becomes solid automatically.

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    A friend is the one who knows all about you and yet likes you. Friends are of many kind. The first set of people are those who pretends to be friends but they are the enemies in real as they want to gauge every move of you and report the same to your enemies. The second set of friends are those who are really good but truly they do not have the time to mingle and spend life with you. The third set of friends are the real gems as they are with us during the troubled time and also enjoyed with us during our good time. We have to respect the third set of people who are rare and we should not leave them. And friends without expecting anything from us and do the work voluntarily are really great and we are really blessed to have such friends but in these days everyone seems to be questionable,
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    True friends are rare in today's world. Most of them are fair weather friends. We only come to know about the true status of a friend when we require some help from him. He also in turn gets the same feeling when he approaches us for some help and we make some excuse and show our true colour to him. So in such cases the absence of true friendship is there from both the sides.
    In today's environment if someone is having a true friend then that person is very lucky and he must reciprocate the same behaviour for that good and kindhearted friend. Friendship is a relation which doesn't survive from one side. It has to be strengthened from both the sides. Then only it will prosper and flourish.

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