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    Skillful control of attention needed

    Normally when we go through some new things and matter, we avoid going into detail unless and until it creates an attention within. That attention is nothing but the curiosity risen within us to know more to have further information on the thing. But here comes the main action from our side that we should skillful enough to control the attention and that should not be deviated for one reason or the other. Those who have been focused in life and their preferences, they always had total control of their skill on the matters of great interest.
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    Having attention is very important for solving any issue. At the same that attention should be on one issue at one time. Then getting positive results will be very easy. But if the attention is changed from one to the other we will not do the best and the result will never be as expected and up to the mark. So attention is very important on one matter at a time.
    When we have attention on the issue which is in the area of our interest we will be more and more attentive and we can do wonders. When you are asked to concentrate on the issues which are not very interesting to you, you can't apply your mind to that task fully and the outcome may not match your ability.
    As mentioned by the author when we hear a new subject sometimes we will get interested and some we will not have any interest. So based on our interest we may decide to proceed and we may not proceed. But at that same time, we should not forget the work on our hands,

    always confident

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    In case, we are engaged with some work devoid of past experience in such an area and even we don't have passion for it, we are sure to fail miserably. Fr any job being undertaken, concentration is the essential parameter to understand the complexities of a job. Without the full concentration, success is doubtful. It is equally important that our attention is not diverted while doing a job. The main motto should be to think of the present assignment instead of our multiple thinking for the various issues. Single minded devotion can only guarantee to our success in a given job.

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    When we are undertaking any job or task then it is imperative that we have to attend to it with minutest detail. The job may be easy or tough, simple or complicated, short or long, whatever it maybe but if we want to do it in the best possible manner then serious attention is a must to achieve that. Any distraction of thoughts at that time whether it is due to curiosity or the circumstances around will be a disastrous thing. Distraction can be internal as well as external. If it is external it is beyond us to check and control it most of the times but if it is internal we must control and avoid it at any cost. That is called self control and self reliance comes out of that only.
    Concentration, focus, and attention are the three pillars of executing a job smoothly and successfully.

    Knowledge is power.

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    "Curiosity kills the cat" This saying itself explains that seeking too much of attention is not a good idea. If any body needs appreciation, it will automatically be bestowed if it is really worthy. One does not have to make extra efforts as the quality of the work counts not the doer's looks or age. A skillful person does his job and remains silent as he never wants to be praised. Do your job and do not expect fruits... Lord Krishna has already said this.

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