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    Who is responsible for not implementing govt programs and schemes ?

    Be it center or state, the government in power would formulate policies, programs and schemes to be implemented so as to reach the target beneficiaries. But there seems to be non cooperation at the District Magistrates level as this was evident from the PM Modi speech asking them to ensure that government main schemes like Ayushman cards, zero bank account and Ujwala gas connections. These three are the best schemes targeted to reach the poor and the middle class but the target not achieved and hence the PM was furious.
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    The government machinery is not having a good governance of course due to various inherent reasons and forces under which they have to work. There is a lot of political interference in the working of the administrative machinery. Even otherwise there are many corrupt people in this machinery who are responsible for giving a bad name to the government governance. That is the reason why the schemes formulated finally do not reach the intended benefit to the desired section of the society. Even if it reaches there it only reache as a percentage of the plan which is not sufficient for the large population of the country.
    PM is well aware of this but one person cannot clean the system as there are local forces always opposing the top wishes. So he might be furious but at many governing levels people are minting money and poor is helplessly watching.

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    The government programs if not properly implemented, the blame lies squarely on the officials responsible for its implementation. The government has to review the progress of implementation of the programs and if there is any laxity has to take necessary action on the officials responsible. Overall, the government is responsible. Trying to blame the executive indicates the inefficiency of the government. When the government takes the credit for introducing any program, it should take the blame for its failure also. Failure of a program can also be due to ill-prepared and deficient programs.
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    When the programs were forthright, targeted and yet laxity on the part of Collectors is something connected to local interference of respective states.
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    The governments formulate the schemes. The implementation of the schemes will be done by the officers. There are many levels in the officers. During the process, the schemes are getting diluted and using the loopholes in the system people who don't deserve will be getting benefited and the actual benefit will never reach the needy. In this process, both officials and leaders are also involved and no one is less than the other.
    When there is no sincerity in implementing the schemes, even very good schemes also may not get the desired benefits. The government should have a mechanism for overseeing the implementation. But unfortunately, that is not happening in India.
    Even though the top leaders are sincere, the leaders at the local level will pressurise the executives to see that their people will get the benefit. How to stop these local leaders from interfering is a big question in this country.

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    Mohanji, there is a crude joke in Telugu that I cannot put in writing here. Blaming District Collectors or other officials is just like that. The incapability to get the programs implemented is the inefficiency of the government. Just as I responded earlier when the credit for a scheme is given to the government, failure to get it implemented is also to be attributed to the government.
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    The government is responsible for the non-implementation of the schemes. Along with the formulation of any scheme, its implementation must be looked into. For that, the mechanism of implementation has to be robust. The blame game will continue and the culprits will never be found and therefore, the government formulating the strategies and schemes must find ways of implementing them. The differences between the officials should be sorted out for smooth implementation and for that all the departments need to cooperate with each other.

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