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    Do you agree to work unfinished task of others ?

    When you are a great performer in the office, then you are likely to be the scapegoat for others as they would bend towards you to finish their unfinished task and that may be either in the knowledge of management or they would ask you being the senior employee of the organization. But when we are going to be levied with more works of our own due to clearance of every work on hand, in that case diverting to others works and task would be difficult and we may not finish it. In this circumstances, what would be your say, yes or no to them ?
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    Certain tasks remain pending due to some reasons. When the need arises,it has to be completed by others. Some feel no humiliation 8n completing while others do not want to do it because they are egoistic. I do not mind completing it because I find it challenging

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    Accepting other jobs would be challenging but not at the cost of our own task and future task.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In any office or workplace there are some people who are extra ordinary intelligent, brilliant, and capable of successfully completing a variety of jobs in the best possible manner. Generally management likes them and these people get fast promotions and rise to very high positions in any company. They often get good offers from other companies also and based on the remuneration offered they switch from one company to other also. The other people who are not good in work many times approach these people to help them and guide them and even share some of their work. To some extent these intelligent people would help the colleagues but they will do it only on select basis and not always. So everyone will be on their mercy only.
    If I am in that position I will also be helping others in the same way. I will decide it on case to case basis and not just blindly helping each and everyone.

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    It is tough to finish the incomplete work of other employees as in my opinion one has to start it from the beginning itself. Yes, the organization likes the people who are smart workers and appreciate them by annually rewarding them or giving incentives and benefits.

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    In any office, each and every employee will have his/her own responsibilities and first of all, he has to see that he will complete his own work. If we keep our work pending and try to help others may be losing our reputation and we may become a failure in our career. So our prime concentration should be on our work.
    At the same time if we have some time and knowledge we need not hesitate to help others. We can guide them and tell them where they have to concentrate so that they will be able to complete their work successfully and on time. If somebody is trying to take undue advantage of our helping nature and ability, we need not help them. We can tell them straight that we have no time and are busy with our own work.
    Our response should always be in tune with the intentions of the other party,

    always confident

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    Nothing wrong in doing like this. Normally it is coming to us only with the thought of we can do that work well. But it should be assigned to us, otherwise our dignity will come down as we are treating others as incapacitated though it is right in the real sense. If it is in working place, it should get assigned well and the same will be understood by our higher up about our capacity.
    Sometimes such unfinished work will automatically comes to our hand by force. Once in my office, a work related to some accounts matter, that too a back period work, fell on my head though it is not my job. As the person looking that job left the organization and some inspection from outsiders have emerged for the finished accounts, our management loaded on my head. Though it is a good job to do I have finished that in a good manner with a great effort and the same was not rewarded even after its success.

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    In any office, or even in any team, there would definitely be some slow performers who need help or guidance from others. But there are also some people who are clever enough andwant their unfinished work to be performed by others so that they can simply relax or even just take the credit.
    While it is a tough task to complete someone else's unfinished work, still one may have tk do it on the professional front so that other tasks do not get affected.
    In my opinion, one should guide the slow performer first, before taking up his/her unfinished task. But it should also be ensured that this new incomplete task does not hamper the originally assigned tasks. Also proper credit should be given tobthe person completing the task .

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