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    Is being devoid of any desire, the path to salvation?

    Many Indian and western philosophers stressed on the regulation of desires to lead a happy life of virtue and morality. Desires creates expectations, sometimes greed, attachment and put us in vicious cycle of rebirth where we incur suffering and confusion. But I don't know if any definition to encompass the desire is being given. Mostly it is related to senses and their control and in most cases lust has been given some repetition. Celibacy, by many, is considered to be of virtue and may be because it is highly difficult to tame this strong evolutionary habit. That could be the reason many tried in seclusion especially from women because it is very difficult to control(so it is more about the man's difficulty than blaming woman actually).
    But then came the philosophers who stated that it is impossible to get away from desires and having desires is also the form of self improvement in any case and in this capitalist world where we see the sky scrapper and technological improvement, there is also anxiety related to the impulsive destruction on the grounds of terrorism.
    Moreover, to have no desire is itself the desire as well.
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    Human beings have desires of all kinds. It is something natural inbuilt in us. Most of our actions are driven by those underlying desires. If there are no desires then we are like a piece of dead wood. When we desire something then we start searching the means and measures to approach it and also search and finalise the methodology for achieving the targets fulfilling those desires. More and more strong the desires we have more efforts we will do in that direction. It is a simple one to one relationship between desire and our actions.
    Then there comes a stage in one's life when one feels that enough is enough and there is no point in having more desires because most of the ambitions and aspirations are already met. This leads to controlling the desires and avoiding them and to choose the path of salvation. When that happens the person starts thinking in spiritual ways and tries for spiritual attainments. Many people at the fag end of their lives adopt this transformation. There are a few who adopt that type of lifestyle early in their lives but that is sometimes seen in a negative way that the person is escaping from his worldly duties.

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    If we are human beings, then desires are bound to be there and bound to happen. Desires are the inner urge which may be concealed from others and that may have lasting effect on how to get into that groove. Desires are not bad and in fact help us to explore more, but over indulgence on any desire is not welcome or any habituated desire would lead to further complications of very own thinking process in future. Desires must be normal and achievable, and what is the use of having a desire which is not achievable. For example when I had been to a bachelor room, there were so many photos of film actress and when asked he said his desire is to want to reach them and express the love and that is far fetching desire because he not fit enough to earn some money but desire to have posh filmy life which is absurd.
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    Desires our inbuilt instincts and we all guided with this natural instincts and the same can be manifested in many ways depending on the attitudes of a man. More a man is successful in the different fields, more he would have desires and he would take attempts to accomplish the unfinished tasks with the desires developed recently. Time passes with the involvements in his missions resulting in his tremendous success and popularity. However a stage is reached when he would be fed up with his worldly desires and should think seriously to have salvation so that real peace is attained. At this stage, he cannot be lured any more. He might be termed as impractical with his disenchantment but such a stage for that man is providing him considerable relief which he might not thought of earlier.

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    Desires will be there always and we can work to fulfil our desires and there is no end to these desires. If one desire is fulfilled, we will get another desire. But we should not indulge in bad practices and illegal ways to fulfil our desires. That should be the way we should follow.
    When we have a desire, we will definitely try to see that our desire is fulfilled. But in that process, we should see that no other person is losing and getting hurt because of our actions. If we follow that principle we will be on the right path only.
    As mentioned by the author thinking of not having a desire itself is a desire. We don't want a rebirth. Is it not a desire? some will try for worldly desires and some may have desires about their life after death. So let us not think of not having a desire but never ignore the law of the land in fulfilling your desires.

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    Salvation is a subject in which every one's experience or knowledge is different and more or less found. According to the scriptures, the body is made up of five cells, out of which anamaya, urjamay, pranamaya etc. are considered to be different types of the body, and when we are able to distance ourselves from this physical body, then perhaps in the direction of salvation. were progressing. Whatever actions a man does, such as the thoughts he keeps in his mind or the behavior he keeps towards others, etc., he is making life and it is the combined form of all that decides whether a person can attain salvation or not.

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