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    By retracting the belly and indulge in breathing will that control bulging?

    Obesity has become the biggest problem for the youth and they are doing many kinds of exercise, workouts, walking, jogging and now there has been suggestions that by retracting the belly and then indulge in inhaling and exhaling, it would give lasting effect in controlling the bulging stomach for sure. But by retracting inside, are we not causing injury to stomach systems and there by giving rise to other health complications. Even during the yoga exercise the retraction of stomach is suggested and not indulge in breathing modes that time. Any clarification from members.
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    In our scriptures and other scholarly books of ancient Indian scholars it is mentioned that Yoga and breathing exercises are beneficial for our health. All the modern Yoga, Prayanam, and breathing exercises are derived from those ancient practices.
    Coming to the specific exercise that the author has queried let me make it clear that this particular exercise has to be done slowly and only once a good practice is done then is to be continued. This exercise is technically known as Kapal Bharti and Swami Ramdev is credited for making it popular among the masses.
    In this exercise one has to contract the stomach inside simultaneously breathing out. It will require some practice to learn it and one has to careful not to do it with rigourous intensity in the beginning itself. One has to contract the stomach a little inside and proportionately breath out. Do not try to do it with force as an experienced person does after 6 months practice.

    If you start it softly like that then after a few months you would be able to do it in a powerful way and then would reap the real benefits.
    I again warn that one should not do it with force in the beginning itself as that could be injurious.

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    Yoga is a very ancient system created for the health and happiness of human beings. They are mentioned in many of our ancient books. When to do, what to do and how to do are explained in detail in those books. Many of the yogis in ancient India were practising them and reaping the benefits. They were teaching the same to their disciples and other people. But over a period of time, these practices were stopped. But again we are seeing many people turning towards this and this is a good sign.
    When we start anything we should do it in the same it is to be done in a systematic way. We have to do for a minimum time and slowly we have to increase the time. Then we will see get the benefits correctly.
    A type of poison is being used in ayurvedic preparation and that will never harm our system. So the amount and the way you purify will make that as an ingredient in medicine,

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    There is some good effect using this technique. I had mentioned about this in my answer to an AE question How to Reduce my tummy size & to look smart?.

    I quote the relevant portion from the above answer.

    "Along with this one can practice a simple 'yoga like' technique to draw and straighten the skin muscles.
    Standing in a comfortable posture upright, take full breath gradually and at the point of starting exhale, pause a second, straighten up chest, draw the stomach skin inward while slowly exhaling and drawing more inward with the exhaling. The do the inhaling and aging the regulated exhaling drawing the stomach inward.".

    More specific details can be had from the referred answer post.

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