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    Keeping the things in their respective places is essential for smooth running of household

    In many households people keep their things in a very well arranged manner. They will take some item from some place and after completing the work they will keep it back in the same place. This is a very good habit because it ensures that next time the item would be available quickly for use.
    On the other hand in some households people don't bother for these small things related to order and take a thing from here for some work and keep it at some other place and soon the house will become a mess and one fine day when one wants an item and does not find it and asks other people whether they had seen it and then finally after struggling for sometime someone finds that item lying at some neglected corner of the house.
    Which scenario you would personally like out of the above two? Do you feel that keeping the things in order and in their respective fixed places is essential for running a household smoothly?
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    I have seen in almost all the houses ladies will keep their kitchens very well set and there will be a designated place for the items that are being kept in their kitchen and it will be available there only. If necessary they will take it, use it and again keep them in its place. The kitchen, generally, will be maintained by the lady only and she will be always very particular in this process.
    If we maintain all other items and rooms like the kitchen, we will find all the items easily when we are in need of them. Sometimes we have to waste a lot of time searching for an item and finally we may not find it. We may purchase a new one and after purchasing a new one only we will find the old one in a corner.
    That is why housekeeping is very important. House should be neat and clean. We should maintain the same in an orderly manner and we should inculcate the habit of keeping the items in a systematic way to our children also. I feel that is always better for all the members in the house.

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    After reading this post, just now I was shouting at our children for not keeping the stapler and pins at the designated place and thereby time wasted in locating them. Whether it is home or office, we are bound to keep the things in order so that even when there is no power or current, we should able to locate the things as kept there. Normally in kitchen the match box, lighter, candle and other things are kept on the shelf corner, so that in case the power goes off, we know the things available and light the candle. But the situation is always not that good if someone else enter the kitchen and re arrange the things without our notice and in same way the office things are to be kept at particular places and if new employees comes and re arrange the things without the notice of others, the going would be tough and works goes to pending.
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    Till my parents alive, we have this habit of keeping anything in the respective places after the usage. But later it is getting vanished slowly in our house. Many times till my parents alive, never searched for any thing, even in the dark. My father insisted us to keep the things in the same place after the usage. Similarly my wife insisted us to keep the utensils in the same place after usage. That too she insisted us to keep slightly washed the vessel in water when we heat anything in that so that it would not affect the other person erroneously taken in our absence. In kitchen we keep knife, gasket ring, ladles every thing in the respective places so as to enable a new person to use without searching.

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    Proper organisation of things which we use day to day in our life are very important because if we do so, we can save plenty of time and energy by not searching for the things we want to find out here and there. For example, the keys of a bike or a car should be hanged on the key stand after we use the vehicles. Helmets should not be kept everywhere . Instead there should be a separate place for them. By following the method , anxiety can be avoided. For example, my cousin's grandson and throws his notebooks and text books all around the house and as his mother makes him do the homework during the night after doing her office work the books are strewn all over the place and left there. When it is time to get ready for the school, it is a funny as well as a pathetic cite to see the parents hunting for the missing books at every nook and corner of the room with tension written all over the place. If they had made the practice of teaching the child how to put back his school books and notebooks soon after doing his homework, there would be no tension at all.
    Therefore, children should be taught the art of arranging and maintaining things properly at a very young age so that when they grown up they can lead a disciplined life.

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    We must make it sure that ever articles in the house are to be kept at the designated place so as to locate the same without wasting our precious time. If the housewife is so much alert, why should we make a mess of such an arrangement? Whatever norms are adopted in respect of keeping articles, the same would be even followed by the youngsters even. What we have seen sometimes that searching for an article takes a lot of time if we don't follow the orderly system of article management.

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    This post reminded me of a dialogue between the heroine and hero. He asks her what kind of qualities she expected from her to be husband and she lists out the things. He speaks to him internally, "Cha! I won't possess a single quality she mentioned".

    Likewise, keeping the things in order and putting them at the same place after proper use is the theme of the thread and many of us miss it not due to innocence but due to ignorance. I am also a lazy guy and my children too take me as an example! Hope this thread makes me late realization and I would set a proper example to them!


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