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    Food that is good for you is good for the environment also.

    We all require food to survive and to get energy for doing our duties. The various food items we eat will have different impacts on our health. Some are good for our health and some are not good for our health.

    Recently a research study conducted by a world-renowned Oxford University revealed that foods that are healthy for us are good for this planet and the environment also. They may not have any negative impact on the environment. We all know that whole grains and vegetables are not very risky for diabetes, coronary heart disease and general mortality. In this research, the scientists found that these foods will create a less negative impact on the environment when compared to other risky foods like processed meat.

    So by having good eating habits we will lead a healthy life and at the same time, we will help the environment in protecting its integrity. I hope all the members will be in agreement with this.
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    I agree with the author. Our body is a part of nature and we are made up of five basic elements like water, air, fire, earth, and space. Everything that our body contains is part of such basic elements. Nature always favors its own forms. If we eat fruits and vegetables, our body gets cleaned and body prefers such foods as it is a very basic need of it. Any packet food or any spicy or masala foods are detrimental to our body as it is far away from the basic natural aspects.
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    Junk foods and artificial flavoured foods are bad for health as well as for the environment. This is a well-known fact and now collaborated by the research as mentioned in the post.
    Natural and organic foods do not have anything which creates adverse effect in the environment. In fact most of them work as a manure for the agricultural products.
    If all of us use natural organic food and avoid the junk and other chemical sourced foods in our lives then definitely planet Earth will became a better place to live.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Good that what we choose, eat and cherish the taste of vegetarian food to liking of us is also having positive effects on the environment and this once again proves that those who are vegetarian are contributing more to the mother earth. While India has been advocating organic food at the village level, but we in urban areas are being attracted and deceived with wrong food choices and even forced to eat junk foods much to the adverse effects of the health. Having seen this many are now wanting vegetation be done at their roof gardens, so that they are most assured of organic way of small farming at their roof tops and eat such healthy vegetarian food that would not have any side effects. Sooner the non vegetarian public would also recognize the need to discard their choices and live the simplest way of vegetarian.
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    One should always try to avoid junk food which is not good for our health and that will have adverse say on the environment also. Obe should encourage vegetarian food and try to minimise nonveg food so that environment will not get adversely affected.
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    A very nice thread initiated by the author. A healthy diet not only makes us healthy but also gives us a chance to do something for the environment. Nature's biggest gift is that it only knows how to give and in the same way, we have got this body from nature itself. Nature is also giving us the necessary elements to challan the machines running it smoothly. Be it food, water, air, or anything else. It should be our effort that if we are not giving benefit to it, then at least we should not do harmful work. Don't feel too big for this, just live life in a sattvic and healthy way.

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