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    Shark Tank India season 1 reality show

    Shark Tank India is one of the great shows which inspire new entrepreneurs across the nation. Currently, season 1 of the show is being telecasted on SET India channel. This show is all about helping new entrepreneurs by the judges or sharks (namely Vineeta Singh, Aman Gupta, Ashneer Grover, Anupam Mittal, Ghazal Alagh, Namita Thapar, Peyush Bansal, )who are very well-known entrepreneurs/founders of existing businesses. These are the sharks who invest in the business of entrepreneurs by buying some portion of the business in form of equity. New entrepreneurs are known as pitchers and these judges are known as sharks. They ask questions, test the entrepreneur mindset of the pitchers. If they feel, that the idea is worth potential, they bid for it.

    What are your views about this reality show? I think this really inspires the young minds of India. This show is not only for youngsters but also for all ages.
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    This is really a great show to be welcomed as it is under the ambit of government pep to the make in India and make for India concept and as given impetus by the present government, new startups are coming up with great idea, and all the new entrants need able guidance, pep and taking to the next level. Such reality show will also bring in new talents which are wasting in the rooms and now they can show case their immense initiative and bring it to the logic conclusion. But care must be taken by the judges of Shark that they should not undermine any new idea, Because India has the immense talent, and someone is ignorant of others new idea, that does not mean the very idea is waste and cannot be given the try. Every idea is new and that need to be respected and regarded and that way the program should help.
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    I also come to know that, unlike all other reality shows, this show is pure and genuine with respect to the content. It has no cheap talks, no unnecessary editing which adds masalas to the show. The show really teaches us the valuation of a company, shares, equity, debt, hard work, and incorporation of any company.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
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    This is a totally different type of reality show targeted at innovation and entrepreneurship. There has been immense progress and development in the field of scientific and technological inventions and every day there are some new ideas and products being flooded in the market by the innovative people. To encourage the young minds for innovation and entrepreneurship such shows are really a welcome measure.
    There are many private organisations in the nature of NGO or other such entities which are working for innovation not only in this country but all over the globe. Many rich people or rich business houses are funding these agencies for developing the new products and services and if there is any success by anyone in this area then the company which has funded it can also benefit by its production and marketing rights. There are some rich sources which are simply donating money for these innovative entities as a gesture to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in this world. Many agencies are surving on that grant or donation from those sources which are located specially in US and European circles.
    In this scenario such TV shows will be of immense help and guidance to the people who are working in innovation related areas.

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    The best part of the show is that all the sharks are running a successful business which was started as a start-up one day. Anupam Mittal started, Ashneer Grover (ex-founder Groffers) launched BharatPe QR codes, Aman Gupta who is heading boAt, Namita Thapar running EmCure pharma, Veenita Singh having her own beauty products company named Sugar cosmetics, Peyush Bansal started LensKart, and Ghazal Alagh who is a co-founder in Maama Earth.
    Dr. Paresh B. Gujarati.
    Mechanical Engineer.
    'I'mprovement always begins with 'I'.

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    A different show altogether. I advised one or two of my known contacts who are having some business ideas and wanted some help in going ahead to implement the project to take part in the show. I don't know the procedural details for the same. I asked them to get that details and participate.
    The people who are participating in the show as sharks are having good exposure in the industry and their experience will definitely be useful to assess the proposals given by these young people who are going to start their startups now.
    If these sharks are also having some interest in investing means the chances of the project becoming successful are high and the young people will get confidence and they will go ahead with a positive frame of mind. We should appreciate the SET India channel for such a novel show which will help the youth in going ahead with their novel plans.

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    I echo the views of Dr Paresh in the main thread and his response #750010 regarding the Shark Tank Reality show. As the judges themselves are representing some companies like BharatPe and, a very friendly atmosphere is observed while interacting withe participants. I am closely watching the episodes via YouTube, the show really consisted all parameters like trial, test and quantifying the business and the QA with equal measurements. Some of the participants are really wonderful in their responses and I am quite astonished to know some guys doing good business at the age of 31 or so who need good support. In that way the team of judges are neatly explaining the reasons as to why they are backing out to invest and what improvement are needed.

    I rate it as the' Best Show' on the TVs today and making the vision of 'Make in India' to come into a reality.


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    Shark Tank is a unique reality show that interests the budding entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs display their businesses and get some equity for shares in their business. But not everyone is fortunate, there are few who are not bagging any equity at all. Still, what they earn here are some tips toake it better.
    The best part of the show is that there is no mocking around. Everyone respects everyone else.
    However, I also feel that in any one episode, only those participants should be allowed who have the same grounds as the judges. Many a times, I have seen judges say, 'this is not me interest area. I am out.' This could be demotivating.

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    Shark Tank is the best show I come across. Not only does it provide information but also gives great business ideas. As the judges themselves are experienced and have a lot of knowledge they can guide the new entrepreneurs and help them grow their businesses. This will surely help to improve the economy of India.

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